Let us wait to see what Trump achieves in doing

  wee eddie 11:17 26 Jan 2017

Trump has been elected President. In my opinion it will be a disaster.

However, there is a long way between the signing of "Executive Orders" and those orders being acted on.

At the present there is so much false information doing the rounds that it is (almost) impossible to tell truth from fiction.

  Quickbeam 11:29 26 Jan 2017

The difficulty in telling the truth from fiction is his strong point!

  wee eddie 12:15 26 Jan 2017

Much of the false information is not coming from him, or his staffers, but members of (the Internet equivalent) Gutter Press.

Perhaps we need to think of a new name for them as Gutter Press does not really fit the bill

  bumpkin 12:40 26 Jan 2017

Global garbage?

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