Let the Train Take the Strain

  Pesala 21:36 04 Nov 2008

click here

Remember this picture the next time you can't get a seat during the morning crush hour.

  lotvic 21:42 04 Nov 2008

I'm glad I don't have to check the tickets

  octal 21:57 04 Nov 2008

Boris comes up with another brilliant idea.

  Forum Editor 23:03 04 Nov 2008

that the picture was ever so slightly posed for the camera?

  Stuartli 23:42 04 Nov 2008

The Mail carried the picture yesterday.

  Bingalau 00:10 05 Nov 2008

Which way is it going?

  Quickbeam 00:13 05 Nov 2008

Let's export our most over zealous H&S people... they'll have a field day there.

  Condom 00:30 05 Nov 2008

Ahhh. but what they don't tell you is that there were twice as many people on the train when it started its journry.

  Monoux 06:50 05 Nov 2008

a striking resemblance to the 8:30 from Brixton

  oresome 09:15 05 Nov 2008

"a striking resemblance to the 8:30 from Brixton"

Not quite. This lot look happy with big smiles on their faces. We wouldn't look like that even if we had a cariage to ourselves.

  interzone55 09:20 05 Nov 2008

I've been on a train in Pakistan with people on the roof and hanging off the sides, but it wasn't quite that full.

I also saw many brightly painted buses with people on the roof and hanging off the back, as we passed one bus on the road to Rawalpindi we passed a bus rather like this one click here, and as we over took it I noticed a gaping hole in the side, and saw a small boy sitting under the driver's legs with his feet dangling over the side. The small boy didn't seem to have a care in the world as he smoked a cigarette.
I'm sure there must be some H & S concerns there, but I just can't put my finger on them...

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