Legionnaires' Disease

  morddwyd 14:54 14 Jun 2012

Most of you won't have seen this but on the Scottish news the other night one of the locals said how terrible it was and how they were having to boil all their water and keep it in the fridge.

When you see some of the government publicity campaigns you think "they must think we're really stupid"

Then you see something like this and you realise we are really stupid!

Just how to you get through to people like that?

  wiz-king 15:09 14 Jun 2012

Put less whisky in their water. grin

  interzone55 15:27 14 Jun 2012

Some people are just stupid I suppose.

At work we're currently fending off an email storm caused by one person sending an email to the global address list, then someone replied to all, then someone else replied to all telling the second person off for replying to all, and it's just spiralled.

Not so bad if you're in a small business with a few employees, but there's close to half a million names in our global address list, and every single person is getting these messages, plus all the bounced out of office messages.

All because of a few idiots who reply to all...

  morddwyd 16:31 14 Jun 2012

"Please tell me the newsreader mocked this person?"

That's what's so bad, no correction at all, either from the reporter doing the "vox pop" or the studio.

  interzone55 09:27 15 Jun 2012

Maybe Auntie's news teams are taking their lead from the Daily Express & Mail, their glasses aren't only half empty, what's in there is sour as well...

  namtas 09:46 15 Jun 2012

Most likely very true, the authorities will never find the seat of the outbreak as every maintenance manager with a cooling tower (the most likely cause) within a 50 mile radius of Edinburgh will have shot dosed their equipment with chlorine at the first hint of a problem. Their may be some dirty towers remaining that require cleaning but the original cause will have been dealt with.

  john bunyan 10:40 15 Jun 2012

forum member

I had forgotten the collective noun for a group of cats - thanks for using it, I like that kind of detail... "parliament of.. murder of" etc. Rarely used these days.

  Quickbeam 16:23 15 Jun 2012

I'm offended...

  Aitchbee 17:11 15 Jun 2012

I (mistakenly) always thought that it was only Laurel & Hardy, David Niven and Cary Grant (or Gary Cooper) ... that got the affliction.

  Forum Editor 19:06 15 Jun 2012

This disease carries a risk of death of between 15% and 40%, depending on individual circumstances (smokers are at greatly increased risk of death), so it's not surprising that there's a degree of genuine concern in a population when cases are reported.

Irresponsible media reports fuel this concern, and are sure to cause some people to overreact. Look what happens when a news story says there's going to be a shortage of some foodstuff or other.

  morddwyd 19:48 15 Jun 2012

"there's a degree of genuine concern i"

Of course there's a degree of genuine concern.

Had I had to go across the water this week, at 75 with a heart condition I would certainly have kept upwind of this area, and I certainly would not choose to go to this area of Edinburgh until there have been no new cases for a week or so, but on the other hand I'm not boiling my water either!

I also think it might have been prudent for the HSE to have taken samples from the two premises, the distillery and the pharmaceutical company, they regard as the most likely source before a chemical cleansing blast, rather than after.

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