Legalise Cannabis! ... ... ...

  Quickbeam 18:13 19 Jun 2018

At least that's what William Haig advocated this morning citing that the war on cannabis has been lost and that it would be safer to have the quality controlled by the government.

This of course is on the back of the new Home Secretary permitting a one off medicinal use and announcing a revue of it's medical use.

  Brumas 18:23 26 Nov 2018

I must have missed this posting first time around and have only just spotted it.

We have just returned from a weekend with the family in Preston and whilst there the subject of cannabis oil cropped up as the son-in-law has started to use it in an effort to alleviate the pain of his rheumatoid arthritis. Fran, my dear wife has stoically put up with chronic degeneration of the spine for a good many years relying on a codeine and paracetamol as prescribed, shunning surgery and lasering of nerves in her back etc, etc.

I'll get to the point she tried the oil, one drop under her tongue, morning and evening and by Sunday evening she was 'pain free' - admittedly the cannabis oil was obtained from a herbalist friend of the s-i-l and probably had less additives in it, I don't know but it worked .We have ordered some and hope it get get here quickly as her pain has now returned and its back to the old regime.

  Quickbeam 18:35 26 Nov 2018

There's probably a local delivery service available via a dodgy looking geezer on a bike...

  Brumas 18:56 26 Nov 2018

Quickbeam, via a dodgy looking geezer on a this taken from your C.V. ? ;o}}

  bumpkin 20:54 26 Nov 2018

If Mophine is available for medical purposes then why not Cannabis. Of course there will be those that abuse drugs but it should not be to the detriment of those to whom they are of genuine benefit.

  Flat Earther 01:57 27 Nov 2018

"If Mophine is available for medical purposes then why not Cannabis"

It's funny that you can cultivate as many Opium poppies as you can fit in your garden, but if a Cannabis plant popped up amongst them you could be prosecuted.

It's no wonder the uneducated think Cannabis is as bad or worse than Opium/Morphine/Heroin.

  Cymro. 12:30 27 Nov 2018

F.E. It will be a long queue, and that's the problem. GPs would have the task of sorting the genuine cases from the bandwagon jumpers, and they would be inundated.

From what I am given to understand Cannabis or some form of it will only be made available on a hospital prescription only and then made out only by certain consultants. There are still a lot of hurdles to jump before it becomes more generally available. It was passed a legal this autumn but the date I have been given is the autumn of next year 2019

  Cymro. 12:44 27 Nov 2018

bumpkin If Mophine is available for medical purposes then why not Cannabis.

Morphine has been legal for so many years I think it would be very difficult to class it as being illegal now. It used to be known as Opium and was freely available to buy at your local corner shop. In Victorian times mothers used to give it Opium that is to their children to help them sleep at night. The U.K. used to import a vast amount of Opium in to China at one time. Heroin and crack cocaine can be manufactured from Morphine so that is an added problem to legalising it.

  Forum Editor 15:02 27 Nov 2018

"The U.K. used to import a vast amount of Opium in to China at one time."

That came to an end when China started to produce its own opium at a far lower cost than the imported drug. Hong Kong was the hub of the opium trade for a long time until, in the mid 1900s the British government decided to close all Hong Kong Opium dens and cease all exports to the Chinese mainland.

The Hong Kong opium trade effectively came to an end, but illicit use continued for some time. At home I have a collection of tiny white unglazed pots with lids that I have picked up on the Hong Kong beaches over the years. Illegal opium users used to buy these pots full of opium and take boats out into the harbour where they could indulge without being spotted. They threw the empty pots over the side, so if the boat was searched by the harbour patrols on its way back there would be no incriminating evidence.

The tides gradually washed the pots onto the shore, and if you look carefully you can still find them virtually undamaged. They make an interesting conversation topic for guests, who try (almost always unsuccessfully) to guess what they are.

  Flat Earther 18:51 27 Nov 2018

"crack cocaine can be manufactured from Morphine"

I think you are confused.

  bumpkin 20:25 27 Nov 2018

Morphine has been legal for so many years I think it would be very difficult to class it as being illegal now.

Morphine is a class A cotrolled drug and it is illegal to possess it without it being prescribed by a doctor.

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