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Legalise Cannabis! ... ... ...

  Quickbeam 18:13 19 Jun 2018

At least that's what William Haig advocated this morning citing that the war on cannabis has been lost and that it would be safer to have the quality controlled by the government.

This of course is on the back of the new Home Secretary permitting a one off medicinal use and announcing a revue of it's medical use.

  BT 10:56 20 Jun 2018

As for recreational cannabis, legalise it, regulate it and make it available from properly licensed and controlled outlets.

There will however always be the unregulated supply as there already is with illegally imported cigarettes and the dodgy alcohol which is on sale in corner shops almost everywhere.

  Cymro. 11:44 20 Jun 2018

BBC link

I have alway thought that the Canadians have a sensible sort of government so if they can do this then why not the U.K.

  bumpkin 12:10 20 Jun 2018

I think you have answered your own question Cymro:-)

  wee eddie 19:28 20 Jun 2018

Driving with Cannabis:

Late one night I was driving up the M1 to see some friends at Loudwater.

I was pulled over by the Police and wound down my window.

"Sorry Officer" I said. "I'm sure I wasn't speeding."

"No" he said "You were driving at 4 mph!"

  bumpkin 21:08 10 Jul 2018

*Legal or not cannabis is smoked and grown on every street in every village, town and city in Britain, *

Whether it is right or wrong the police have seem to have given up on it anyway so better they spend their time on things like knife crime or acid throwers in my opinion.

  bremner 17:40 11 Jul 2018

.."so better they spend their time on things like knife crime"

...and here is the rub, it is the dealers of cannabis (and other drugs) who are stabbing each other.

  bumpkin 21:51 11 Jul 2018

it is the dealers of cannabis (and other drugs) who are stabbing each other.

If that is the case then let it be but I do not think all stabbings are drug related or moped riders throwing acid are all drug dealers.

  Forum Editor 08:55 26 Nov 2018

Controlled medicinal use, yes.

Recreational use? I'm not sure that creating s society in which an assumption is made that people need narcotics in order to be happy is a good thing. We already have two legal substances - tobacco and alcohol - which can bring misery along with pleasure.

Perhaps that's enough, at least until there is reliable information about the long-term effects of unrestricted Cannabis use.

The Alabama three made a reasonable point about alternative ways of being happy when they sang:-

*"Cause the righteous truth is, there ain't nothing worse than Some fool lying on some Third World beach wearing Spandex, psychedelic trousers, smoking damn dope Pretending he gettin' consciousness expansion. I want Consciousness expansion, I go to my local tabernacle An' I sing with the brothers and sisters"*

  Cymro. 11:00 26 Nov 2018

F.E. Controlled medicinal use, yes.

Then I will make sure I am first in the cue.

  Forum Editor 14:53 26 Nov 2018


It will be a long queue, and that's the problem. GPs would have the task of sorting the genuine cases from the bandwagon jumpers, and they would be inundated.

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