LED lighting and your experiences of it

  bumpkin 21:00 17 Sep 2015

I have been trying it out for a few months and am impressed with it so I ordered 12 more bulbs 9Watt but when they came they are huge things that won't fit where an incandescent or one of the low energy flourescent (useless) things would. I have changed a lot around with the smaller initial ones that I bought and managed to fit 5 of them, the others I hope will fit in my outside lights but not over confident. Has anyone else had this issue.

  Dragon_Heart 23:25 17 Sep 2015

I know some LED replacement 'bulbs' for domestic floodlights are a tight fit.

Used LED bulbs for my PC desk lamp and fish tank light. Also used in bathroom as it's instant with no warm up.

I would have liked to have fitted one in the living room fan / light but too little room between base of screw fitting and dome that covers lamp.

Have been able to source some smaller bulbs but off internet only.

  Dragon_Heart 00:41 18 Sep 2015

Golf Ball bulbs like this are available but most I have found are the screw type not bayonet :-(

  bumpkin 10:19 18 Sep 2015

Thanks for the link, unfortunately they are not bright enough for my liking. It maybe the fact that I ordered 9watt (90 equiv) that they are so big, I think my first batch which are smaller were 7W. I can find a use for them anyway sheds/garage etc. In future I will check the physical size before ordering and may have to settle for 7W ones for some fittings.

  bumpkin 17:03 18 Sep 2015

I am beginning to wish that I had never posted this thread, all I get now is ads for bloody light bulbs every time I look in.

  BT 17:44 18 Sep 2015

all I get now is ads for bloody light bulbs every time I look in.

Adblock stops this

  Bazzaman 18:08 18 Sep 2015

I bought 3w LEDs to replace the 35w Halogen GU10s in my kitchen (8 of them) as 35 x 8 = 280 (and was originally 50 x 8). The first lot I bought did not last more than 6 - 12 months (so VERY expensive). I persevered with the supplier and got them to send out replacements which have lasted now very well and I'm more than happy with them. They are the type with a large number (58) of small individual LED elements (see click here

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