LED bulbs that make a buzzing noise

  chub_tor 20:57 10 Mar 2018

I have slowly been converting all the light bulbs in our house from tungsten filament to LED and I have purchased from a wide range of sources - ebay, local garage, discount shops etc and they have all worked fine. Today I happened to be in B&Q so purchased four 5.5W bayonet cap candle shaped bulbs to fit in some wall lights in our conservatory. Unlike my previous purchases all of these new bulbs exhibited a pronounced 50Hz hum and had to be taken back. Has anyone else had this result?

  [DELETED] 21:54 10 Mar 2018

she can hear things that are not there

Not on topic but I think that comment is a bit unfair. When I was a tad younger I could 'hear' Bats when no one else could. It was like a clicking at the back of my head. Like someone clicking their finger bones. Some can 'hear' higher frequencies compared to others I guess and vice versa.

  [DELETED] 22:11 10 Mar 2018

octal thanks for your comment.

  Quickbeam 06:11 11 Mar 2018

Things that go buzz in the night....

  john bunyan 13:38 11 Mar 2018

I recently had a bathroom redone and it has 12 GU 10 bulbs. Halogen were hot, and I have replaced them with “Cree” LED’s - 5w = 50W , glass housing ,”warm white” from Wickes. They have a central orange/ yellow bulb so the light is excellent- not blue at all, and they are cooler than halogen, and hopefully far longer lasting.

  wee eddie 15:17 11 Mar 2018

My first thought would be that there is a badly made joint/junction somewhere within the fitting.

p.s. a buzzing noise can't be considered at synonymous with "low" power consumption

  bumpkin 16:20 11 Mar 2018

Buzzing on anything electrical is not a good sign, it needs investigating.

  chub_tor 19:29 11 Mar 2018

Some interesting comments but in response to wee eddie I have since replaced the B&Q bulbs with some purchased at a local discount store called Buyology (don't know if this is just a local Plymouth store or a national chain) and put them into exactly the same light fitting. No buzzing heard at all now so to my mind it is a feature of the bulbs and not the fitting. Incidentally the fixture did not buzz when it had tungsten bulbs either. I paid £5 each at B&Q and £2.20 at Buyology, same wattage same bayonet cap fitting.

  wee eddie 20:32 11 Mar 2018

Did it occur to you that the bulbs might have been faulty

  bumpkin 20:53 11 Mar 2018

If a light bulb buzzes something is wrong.

  chub_tor 15:00 12 Mar 2018

I purchased four bulbs from the rack at B&Q, all the same brand, all the same wattage and all four were tested and exhibited the same humming noise, which is why they were returned for a refund. The shop assistant was told the reason for the return. Was it a bad batch? Are they all faulty? They all lit up fine. What I do know is that four different bulbs from a different store, same wattage light up and do not hum.

I will close this thread, it is just meandering on and all I really needed to know was if anyone else had LED mains powered bulbs that hummed. Thanks to all for their comments.

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