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Leavers- hope you are pleased still

  john bunyan 22:52 30 Jul 2019

The exchange rate is dreadful:

exchange rates

This will cause rises in fuel and many other things. A no deal Brexit is a disaster for so many ( just for example sheep farmers facing 40% tariffs and potential wipe out; Vauxall may move away from Ellsmere Port; many other huge problems. Gove says Government is working on the assumption of no deal; Scotland very likely to press for independence.

Not wishing to sound “cup half empty “ but do Leavers really accept that a No Deal is worth it?

Labour is now virtually a Marxist Party and Tories have been taken over by a hard right faction. The worst political situation I can remember. An election would most likely result in a hung Parliament again. I’m sure FE will say all is well etc, but I am depressed.

  morddwyd 07:47 09 Aug 2019

Scotland's income tax rates are already the highest in the UK.

The world has not ended!

It is, for many, a price worth paying.

  Quickbeam 08:28 09 Aug 2019

“It is, for many, a price worth paying.”

I would equate that to buying something on a credit card, but realising that it wasn't such good value after all before you've paid half of the cost back.

  morddwyd 09:23 09 Aug 2019

I think there is a difference in attitudes the further south you go.

In the South the increasingly prevalent attitude is "What's in it for me?".

In the north, and I include the North of England, there are still vestiges, even among politicians, of "What's best overall?".

Prior to Boris the Conservatives were doing better in Scotland.

Ruth Davidson is popular a good politician and is regarded as a canny lass. As we've seen with Richard Leonard, Westminster will sideline her at its peril.

Labour are close to breaking away; they've never really been forgiven for Kezia!

  john bunyan 12:38 09 Aug 2019

I wish, somehow and by what means, that Ruth Davidson could be PM. The Tories in Westminster are tearing themselves apart , and the hard right won’t last. Labour, here are moving to the really extreme hard left, with frightening consequences. There seems room for a revival of centre parties. Quite apart from money I hope, somehow , Scotland and England can find an accommodation, especially as trade and defence are so intertwined

  beeuuem~2 13:05 09 Aug 2019

'Ruth Davidson is popular a good politician and is regarded as a canny lass' By who? not by Conservative voters and I speak as one who voted for her at the last election and have since regretted it.

  wee eddie 13:17 09 Aug 2019

In Scotland's small pool of second rate Politicians, Ruth Davidson is a pike amongst minnows.

However, how she would survive against the big beasts of the Westminster pool, is another matter

  john bunyan 15:41 09 Aug 2019

*wee eddie *

Westminster is totally stocked up with minnows also. Not a person of stature to be found in any Party. It seems we are being run by an unelected political advisor- Dominic Cummings and the opposition run by Seamus Milne, both using the PM and the leader of the opposition as their mouthpieces.

  Quickbeam 17:57 09 Aug 2019

I would agree with that JB, I get the impression that the Boris administration are all synchronised dancing to the tune of puppet master Cummings.

Never before have an entire cabinet all sounded so superficially positive!

  Forum Editor 18:08 09 Aug 2019

"Ruth Davidson is popular a good politician and is regarded as a canny lass"

Deservedly so. Ruth's dynamism and enthusiasm is something to behold.

  morddwyd 19:19 09 Aug 2019

By who? not by Conservative voters (Ruth Davidson)

Suppose it depends on where you are. She is certainly popular where I live and in the areas I visit.

The Conservatives are doing better in Scotland than any other party except the SNP.

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