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Leavers- hope you are pleased still

  john bunyan 22:52 30 Jul 2019

The exchange rate is dreadful:

exchange rates

This will cause rises in fuel and many other things. A no deal Brexit is a disaster for so many ( just for example sheep farmers facing 40% tariffs and potential wipe out; Vauxall may move away from Ellsmere Port; many other huge problems. Gove says Government is working on the assumption of no deal; Scotland very likely to press for independence.

Not wishing to sound “cup half empty “ but do Leavers really accept that a No Deal is worth it?

Labour is now virtually a Marxist Party and Tories have been taken over by a hard right faction. The worst political situation I can remember. An election would most likely result in a hung Parliament again. I’m sure FE will say all is well etc, but I am depressed.

  john bunyan 09:45 07 Aug 2019

Although a red herring, Nicola is gearing up for Indy 2. If successful from their point of view, the Scottish exports to U.K. are over 60% versus 16 % to EU. Our Brexit is bad enough, but surely the cost of a” no deal” Indy would be astronomical?

They would be swapping a 60% part of a single market to 16% of another. The net effect would be huge

  Quickbeam 11:08 07 Aug 2019

It's amazing what level of economic blindness Joe Voter can demonstate when the promise of greener grass is on offer...

  morddwyd 20:01 07 Aug 2019

The people of Scotland would pay about as much attention to the economic consequences of leaving the British Union as English voters did to Brexit.

Like the English vote for Brexit it will be based on emotion.

Remember, less than 40% of Scots want to leave the EU. I suspect once we are actually out attitudes may polarise a bit more.

Nicola will want to see the polls around 60% before she risks another Indyref.

When, not if, it comes the main plank of her manifesto, apart from leaving the British Union, will be joining the European one.

Once Brexit has begun to bite that prospect may attract more people.

Many of us see Nicola as a means to an end, not an end in itself, simply giving us a chance to elect our own, non-SNP government.

My ideal scenario is a British embassy in Edinburgh and Ruth Davidson in Bute House!

  john bunyan 20:22 07 Aug 2019

Defence post Indy

Morddwyd- As you have an interest in Defence issues, what do you think of the link above?

  Quickbeam 04:35 08 Aug 2019

“Like the English vote for Brexit it will be based on emotion.”

It's amazing how many deny that!

  morddwyd 09:33 08 Aug 2019


Sorry I can no longer digest large chunks of text and the article would not only take me a couple of hours to read, but by the time I came to the end I'd have forgotten the beginning!

Such matters are beyond my pay grade, but, broad brush, I would look towards Faslane becoming a sovereign British base, and Scotland having a small defence force, with maritime emphasis to cover fishery protection.

I would expect serious negotiations with NATO, and affiliation even if not full membership (again outside my pay grade, but I suspect that 2% of GDP would be difficult), and Scotland's historical relationship with Norway's maritime forces to strengthen.

All three founder members of the EU are smaller than Scotland, but seem to manage OK.

Like currency, defence is a much used red hearing.

I repeat my oft used mantra, if Malta can manage on her own, so can Scotland.

  Quickbeam 09:52 08 Aug 2019

But Malta did join the EU 15 years ago to gain from the benefits of a greater unity of nations...

  john bunyan 09:59 08 Aug 2019

A comparison with Malta is comparing apples and oranges. Their population is smaller than many U.K. cities , about the same as Liverpool.

No doubt another thread will emerge if Indy kicks off, but if Scotland wants to keep public spending where it is now the average tax will have to go up by about £2500 per head per year of the working population , to replace Barnett

  morddwyd 19:26 08 Aug 2019

Not sure what your points are.

Malta joined the EU for the same reasons, which you quote, as Scotland will.

I used Malta as a generic, not a specific.

I repeat, Denmark is smaller than Scotland, as are the three nations who founded the EU, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg, in fact their small size was one of the main reasons they started it!

  john bunyan 21:59 08 Aug 2019

Look at their income tax rates!

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