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Leavers- hope you are pleased still

  john bunyan 22:52 30 Jul 2019

The exchange rate is dreadful:

exchange rates

This will cause rises in fuel and many other things. A no deal Brexit is a disaster for so many ( just for example sheep farmers facing 40% tariffs and potential wipe out; Vauxall may move away from Ellsmere Port; many other huge problems. Gove says Government is working on the assumption of no deal; Scotland very likely to press for independence.

Not wishing to sound “cup half empty “ but do Leavers really accept that a No Deal is worth it?

Labour is now virtually a Marxist Party and Tories have been taken over by a hard right faction. The worst political situation I can remember. An election would most likely result in a hung Parliament again. I’m sure FE will say all is well etc, but I am depressed.

  wee eddie 12:05 31 Jul 2019

As Chairman Mao is said to have said, about the impact of the French Revolution.

"It's too soon to judge"

Apparently, that is a mistranslation of what he said, but I'm sure that he would have liked to have done

  csqwared 17:21 31 Jul 2019

There also seems to have been a big impact on the ex-pat community in Europe. Relatives of ours who were living in France, have had to return because of medical reasons, and made a significant loss on the sale of their property over there due to Brexit issues.

  Forum Editor 09:21 01 Aug 2019

"Parliament is bereft if anyone of stature in any party, and it is that which depresses me."

We, the people have done that - we have voted for vanilla politicians, most of them scared out of their wits about sticking their heads above the parapet. We have transformed ourselves into a nation of apathetic 'me first' people who think the world owes us a living. We care more about what goes on in Love Island than what goes on in parliament, and so we have the politicians we deserve.

The sooner we realise that we have to stand on our own two feet as a nation, and face life in the outside world the better it will be for us. If it has to be on the basis of a no-deal exit from the EU then so be it - we'll just have to knuckle down and make something of ourselves. We became one of the world's great trading nations once before, and although we may not be able to repeat our past successes we can at least try.

It's time for an end to the Brexit devisiveness that seems to have become such an obsession for many people.

  Quickbeam 12:40 01 Aug 2019

What condescending rot FE.

Brexit has certainly got a lot of people engaged for the first time in decades, but to suggest that we accept the worst possible option out of desperation and to be glad of it, and also suggest that this worst of all Brexit options will in anyway start to bring the country together is just the condescending rot as I opened with.

  john bunyan 14:19 01 Aug 2019

Bank of England warns of potential recession, record low sterling, post hard Brexit. I for one, don’t think it’s worth it. At the referendum 48% agreed- I suspect, now, a lot more do, but there seems to be an obstinacy about not re- testing opinion now that more is known


  Pine Man 14:39 01 Aug 2019


If the word WE was missing from your post there wouldn't be much left!

Consider the dictionary definition of WE - 'I and the group that includes ME', suggesting that you count yourself in as one of those who,

have voted for vanilla politicians,

have transformed ourselves into a nation of apathetic 'me first' people,

care more about what goes on in Love Island, etc etc.

Well you can count me out of your group.

'The sooner we realise that we have to stand on our own two feet as a nation, and face life in the outside world the better it will be for us'.

Absolute nonsense, we don't have to, and we never had to, until we were fed lies and misinformation.

Unfortunately I have little doubt that we will probably leave the EU and the best that can be hoped for is some sort of deal.

Already the expenditure committed to leaving the EU and that which is forecasted to be spent will add nicely to the £1.80 trillion the UK was in debt at March this year.

  Forum Editor 18:25 01 Aug 2019

Pine Man

"Well you can count me out of your group."

You've entirely missed the point, there is no group. If you had read my post more carefully you would have noticed that I opened with "We, the people have done that"

I then said "We have transformed ourselves into a nation of apathetic 'me first' people who think the world owes us a living."

'Nation' is a collective noun - its use in this context (and many others) doesn't mean every single individual. When a new government is elected it is elected by us, the nation, even though lots of people didn't vote for it.

I don't have a 'group' to count you out of. As for your "Absolute nonsense, we don't have to, and we never had to, until we were fed lies and misinformation."

It's not nonsense - We do have to leave. We the electorate (another collective noun) voted to do so, and parliament translated our decision into legislation.

You might well say that it's absolute nonsense to say that the party with the most MPs should form a government after a General election because we were fed lies and misinformation by the contesting parties. Nevertheless, that's how democracy works.

Were we fed any lies and misinformation by the leave campaigners, or was everything they said the gospel truth? I think we both know the answer to that question.

  Pine Man 18:49 01 Aug 2019

We do have to leave.

Of course we don't, the UK can revoke article 50 and the EU would be pleased to have us.

  wee eddie 19:07 01 Aug 2019

As FE has said.

Of those that took the trouble to vote, the majority voted to leave. Those that didn't vote, have no grounds for complaint, as it was made remarkably easy for them to do so.

  john bunyan 19:59 01 Aug 2019

In a Parliamentary Democracy, referendums can be very disruptive. If the result is less than a 2/3 rd majority, the losing side may try for another, and so on. We see it now, and no doubt will shortly see a Scottish Indy2. The circumstances have changed enormously since the 2016 Brexit referendum, and the likely consequences are much clearer. I suspect many leavers have changed their minds, and although I can see the argument against it ( best of 3 etc) I think another referendum is the only alternative to chaos,

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