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Leavers- hope you are pleased still

  john bunyan 22:52 30 Jul 2019

The exchange rate is dreadful:

exchange rates

This will cause rises in fuel and many other things. A no deal Brexit is a disaster for so many ( just for example sheep farmers facing 40% tariffs and potential wipe out; Vauxall may move away from Ellsmere Port; many other huge problems. Gove says Government is working on the assumption of no deal; Scotland very likely to press for independence.

Not wishing to sound “cup half empty “ but do Leavers really accept that a No Deal is worth it?

Labour is now virtually a Marxist Party and Tories have been taken over by a hard right faction. The worst political situation I can remember. An election would most likely result in a hung Parliament again. I’m sure FE will say all is well etc, but I am depressed.

  Forum Editor 23:02 30 Jul 2019

"I’m sure FE will say all is well etc, but I am depressed."

Only a fool would suggest that all is well, but negativity is the last thing we need right now. You may be depressed, but I am not.

This will play itself out, one way or another and we will all still be here - you will probably still be depressed, and I probably won't. There is absolutely nothing that any of us can do to influence events over the next few months, so I intend to get on with my life and let our politicians do what they do.

  wee eddie 23:26 30 Jul 2019

The world turns and we all live on.

When I was on the Floor of the London Stock Exchange. Many Dealers, much more experienced than I, were bemoaning the fact that recently, they could only get $2.5 to the £1.

Things change. They always will. Some will profit by change, others will not. I am a strong believer in the inventiveness, and tenacity, of Britain's Business Community

  john bunyan 23:33 30 Jul 2019


Fair enough, but would you be happy with a No Deal Brexit? I am NOT depressed overall but the Parliament is bereft if anyone of stature in any party, and it is that which depresses me. Apart from the political situation I am happy and lucky be alive and in a comfortable financial position. I imagine your travel costs have shot up. A friend with a RN Pension based in Sterling lives in Eire and has seen it’s value in Euros seriously fall and is very worried

  Quickbeam 06:55 31 Jul 2019

Ah, but we will be out!

On the outside looking in is a prize to be envied. Apparently...

  rickf 09:52 31 Jul 2019

Ah, all will be well. Hope is at least free, like air.

  wee eddie 10:20 31 Jul 2019

Germany & France are about to go 'Head to Head' over the funding of Italy's Financial Crisis

  oresome 11:49 31 Jul 2019

No point in getting upset or depressed over things you have no control over.

You could have compensated for the devalued pound by investing in FTSE 100 companies with lots of overseas earnings that now convert into more British pounds. Unilever and Diageo for example have risen in value by around 25% this year including dividends received.

Admittedly not much help after the event and for those with no spare cash.

  Pine Man 11:53 31 Jul 2019

Ah, all will be well. Hope is at least free,

Yes, but it comes at a cost!

  Pine Man 11:55 31 Jul 2019

This will play itself out, one way or another

.....but not necessarily in a good way.

  Pine Man 11:59 31 Jul 2019

JB I am happy and lucky be alive and in a comfortable financial position.

Me too and there is little doubt that our generation have done well but the legacy we leave is what concerns me.

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