At least twenty six people have been killed

  Forum Editor 13:11 22 Mar 2016
  Al94 13:18 22 Mar 2016

Are we surprised? - sadly no. Just the latest of a seemingly unstoppable campaign by IS. I fear that much worse attacks will happen. Dreadful for those caught up.

  Forum Editor 14:23 22 Mar 2016

The death toll has risen to 31, with many more injured.

I flew into Heathrow airport last night, and I had to wait in the arrival hall for fifteen minutes for a driver. The place was - as usual - teeming with people, and I started thinking how easy it would be for someone to drive to the airport wearing a bomb, park in the short-stay car-park, and detonate the device right in the middle of the crowd.

We are sitting ducks, and there isn't a great deal we can do to eliminate that risk without instituting draconian, expensive security measures in all the places where we gather in large numbers. It simply isn't possible, it would cost huge amounts, and interfere with our lives to an unacceptable degree.

You cannot ever beat the fanatical, determined terrorist who is prepared to sacrifice his or her own life in an act of indiscriminate barbarism. We are at the mercy of such people, and they know it.

  Quickbeam 14:41 22 Mar 2016

As you say, it's something that we just have to learn to live with.

The talk now is that Airports will have to become secure zones before the point of entry to departure gates. Strict entry controls onto the greater grounds and an end to the seeing off and greeting of family and friends without also having to pass through security checks.

  Al94 15:00 22 Mar 2016

If airports were to become secure to that level - which I doubt is realistic or workable - they will simply choose other targets.

  Quickbeam 17:04 22 Mar 2016

Yes, but airports are prestige targets.

  Al94 17:28 22 Mar 2016

There would still be queues to get through the external security so suicide bombers still have a target. How can you get round that one?

  Quickbeam 17:30 22 Mar 2016

You can't.

  john bunyan 18:03 22 Mar 2016

There are now about 20million Muslims in the EU. Most hare integrated well , but if only 0.25% are extremists , that is 50,000 - impossible for the security services to monitor. Even in the UK we still allow retuning ISIS people back in, and even these few hundred are too many to follow.

Long term we must crack down on stopping these people back in; we must really increase "Psy - Ops" and get the "good" imams making more condemnatory pronouncements.

Those who are anti the new "snooper's charter" must think again - the security services surveillance is vital to try to catch these people.

  Forum Editor 08:55 23 Mar 2016


And just how would you suggest that European governments fight terror? Have you any idea of the amounts of money and resources that already go into security services across Europe?

Terrorism is not going to be beaten by governments, it must happen from within society. People can beat terrorism, by educating their children, and providing them with the right moral compass.

Terrorist organisations rely for their continued existence on a steady supply of poorly educated and or gullible young people who are ripe for radicalising. As they they enter their teenage years, young people tend to look for a cause to support, be it animal welfare, protection of the environment, working for aid organisations, or - in some cases - religious extremism. You don't need to be an Einstein to realise that education, both in schools and in the home, can play a huge part in shaping the future development of a nation.

It's not an easy or quick fix, but it's the key to combating extremism and its consequences. All other measures are stop-gaps - we need to work at the root of the problem, and by 'we' I mean all of us who are parents or teachers, or religious leaders.

  john bunyan 08:52 24 Mar 2016

Forum Editor

a steady supply of poorly educated and or gullible young people

That may apply to some, but many are intelligent people who, nevertheless , become radicalised. Two home grown ISIS people were convicted a couple of days ago, one a medical and the other a physics undergraduate. They had about 10 "suspect" friends from UK reading medicine in Sudan.


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