At least he just had enough brains to get the wording correct

  carver 18:34 11 Oct 2012

I'm just sorry he only got 4 months, in my opinion he should have got 4 years enter link description here any body who could think or do that is definitely a sandwich short of a picnic.

  namtas 19:24 11 Oct 2012

Obviously this is the action of a person who has a problem, none of us save perhaps a psychiatrist can have any idea of the thought process of others. It might be upbringing, treatment received in the past or some other cause which have left scars on the mind. This person may even have seen no harm who knows. How for instance does total insensitivity allow a so called normal person to carry out merciless act on another? I can never comprehend how anyone is able to deliberately lob a lump of concrete onto a motorway full of traffic, or throw half a brick into a crowd, a normal person cannot think that way, so yes there are some strange minds out their but perhaps we are not able to judge why.

  Condom 19:32 11 Oct 2012

Whilst I have no personal sympathy with this individual, and I left the UK a day or two after this terrible event took place, I am more than a little concerned that we have another situation where freedom of speech appears to be OK for some but not for others.

Where I was brought up this idiot would have soon lost the T shirt and been walking around naked with a few bruises courtesy of the local population but not been subject to arrest. As I really don't know the details I'm not going to comment further but I remain concerned about some recent developments.

  N47. 19:46 11 Oct 2012


Just about what I was going to post.

You get religious fanatics who call for death to the police , armed forces and the establishment. They burn flags and spout hate. The police just look on and leave them alone.

As for the idiot sentenced to 4 months. He deserves that as does some of the above.

  interzone55 20:49 11 Oct 2012

Whilst what this guy did is tasteless I do wonder about the sentencing policies these days.

Compare with the case of Justin Lee Collins who waged a 9 month intimidation campaign against his ex-girlfriend but only got 140 hours community service

  Aitchbee 21:02 11 Oct 2012

I do hope the Mancunian Prison Authorities put this man's obvious artistic abilities to good use while he is a 'guest' at Prison HQ.

In my hometown of Glasgow ...that dear green place ... I have oft' been amazed at the wondrous transformation of the local public parks' outer railings by the tenacious brushwork of teams of serving criminals[under supervision], who have decided to devote their 'time' to 'paying back' their community.

Mr Thew may 'come out' a wiser, and reformed character ... if given that chance.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:05 11 Oct 2012

I find it frustrating that the police will stand back and allow islamic hate peddlers to chant their offensive remarks both visually and verbally to homecoming troops and take little to no action, yet come on down like the proberbial ton of bricks on some idiotic white man who spouts off about the death of one of their own.


  Woolwell 21:19 11 Oct 2012

WTM - Islamic hate peddlers can be white too. He is clearly not one of any civilised group.

  Forum Editor 23:08 11 Oct 2012


Can you not understand the difference?

What would you have the police do to the "islamic hate peddlers" you mention? By Police action you presumably mean arrest - so the Police arrest a dozen or so Islamic demonstrators, and by doing so they fuel a fire that would burn twice as brightly. I'm sure I don't need to spell it out.

The pitiful character who wore the T shirt is quite obviously a social misfit, plain and simple. He doesn't have a cause, he wasn't staging a demonstration, or trying to make a political or religious point, he was simply demonstrating his hatred of the Police at the most sensitive of moments. Had I been a police officer on the spot in those circumstances I would have arrested him, and I venture to suggest that if you think about it you would have done the same thing.

Police officers are human beings, and they are entitled to act emotionally sometimes. The Islamic demonstrators you mention do a nice job of wrecking their own cause by their actions, we don't need the police making martyrs of them.

  Kevscar1 02:36 12 Oct 2012

1 No they are not allowed to act emotionally unless standards have gone down since I left. 2 They arrested soley because he was one man alone, if it had been a couple of hundred wearing the t-shirt they would have done nothing

  carver 05:48 12 Oct 2012

Kevscar1 emotions are one of the things that puts us above animals, we all have them and putting on a uniform does not make them disappear.

Those police officers were just slaughtered leaving behind families who have feelings and if it had been 100 they would also have been arrested.

One other thing, please don't call him a man it's puts the rest of us to shame.

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