Learn touch typing ,free program

  patsyanne 20:22 26 Aug 2005

click here dont know if it will interest anyone but this looks good .

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:12 26 Aug 2005

Hi patsyanne, I shall pass this on to some friends that could make use of this.

Myu tioch ytping usnt thst bad...

  patsyanne 09:23 27 Aug 2005

Hi again BIG Ben strikes 10 again!its hard to stop using the 2 finger way of typing once you been doing it for so long but i am going to have a go with doing it the proper way .

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:06 29 Aug 2005

When I had my broken arm I could only use my right hand to type, which slowed things down alot.

Once you get the feel of where all the keys are on the keyboard its very easy to touch type, I can not look at the keyboard and type.

My tip is that the key's 'F' and 'J' have bumps or slashes on them, this is where your index fingers should be kept, and then you find it is alot easier.


  Stuartli 00:29 30 Aug 2005

Once you can touch type it makes life so much easier.

Even so, although I've been a touch typist for 53 years, some two-finger exponents are almost as rapid...:-(

It's just a question of getting used to a particular method.

  patsyanne 08:26 30 Aug 2005

Hi Stuartli i bought a Toshiba laptop in a boot sale for £20 ! old as the hills but it works with its 32mb memory so i am learning typing on that but your right i can type quicker with my 2 fingers at the moment.

  Stuartli 10:47 30 Aug 2005

Without meaning to sound negative in any way, a laptop keyboard is not the best on which to learn touch typing (a desktop keyboard is not all that much better unless you use the feet that lift up the front).

The reason is that such keyboards are too flat and unless you are seated so that your hands and fingers are at a suitable height in relation to the keyboard, it can cause aches and pains...:-(

It's one of the reasons for many people using a wrist rest, although sitting properly would almost certainly be more effective.

Any way, good luck. It will save you a lot of time in the long run when you can touch type...:-)

  patsyanne 14:57 30 Aug 2005

Stuartli so thats why my hand is aching !i thought it was cause my hand was too stiff trying to type on the laptop.

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