The Leaders Debate

  zzzz999 06:52 16 Apr 2010

Well in round one the three gunslingers faced each other. The Libdem Kid gained admiring glances from the watching audience and he went through his repetoire of pistol twirling tricks. The grizzled old war horse, El Broonie, reminded the audience of the frontier wars he has taken part in and showed some sharp shooting with his trusted old winchester. The Cameron Kid went for his pistols and managed to shoot himself in his foot. Another performance like that and it may be a head shot he takes.

  Forum Editor 07:29 16 Apr 2010

I started watching this thinking that one person might perform better than the others, and ended up being more impressed with one of the others - not the leader of a party that I would expect to vote for, I might add.

  oresome 08:06 16 Apr 2010

I think the conclusion so far is that Nick Clegg would make the better TV presenter.......indeed the Libs have a history of producing entertaining TV personalities.

Not sure these are necessarily the qualities we look for from an effective PM though.

  gengiscant 08:55 16 Apr 2010

I am afraid I missed the program as I had just finished decorating my bathroom as was engrossed in watching the paint dry,it completely slipped my mind that this totally organized farce was on.

  Snec 09:14 16 Apr 2010

Well I suppose we all learned something from this if only, in my case anyway, that the UK is alarmingly short of skilled chefs.

  morddwyd 09:30 16 Apr 2010

Didn't watch it as I knew I would get a good distillation on this forum!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:44 16 Apr 2010

I missed this tripe as I really do not want to be patronised by three talking heads but one has to ask of Brown, 'why didn't you do all the things that you are tiresomely spouting about, in the last 13 years'. It is clear that fooling the Brit population and feeding them utter rubbish is no difficult challenge.


  Grey Goo 10:05 16 Apr 2010

Politicians know that the electorate will respond to innuendo,urban myth,promises that affect them,the hint that the other parties are out to save the millionair's and any other crap and backstabbing that they can think up. When the national obsession is with programmes like Eastenders then they know how to play the poor dumbasses. Thats why this debate was imposed upon the public. It also appeared that Nick Clegg had a lot more air time than the others.

  birdface 10:14 16 Apr 2010

Never watched it but seen bits of it in the news.
Nick Clegg seamed to come out on top but then again as he has no chance of becoming prime Minister I suppose he could offer whatever he wanted,
The other pair know that there is no goodies to offer and we are all going to suffer whichever one gets in.
What I cannot understand is why Gordon brown being so unpopular is still in this race.
By all accounts this should be a one horse race with the Tory's so far out in front that it would be impossible to catch them.
The question in my mind is why are they struggling for votes.
Could it be that the public are not convinced that David Cameron is the right man for the job.
I must admit if I thought for 1 minute Nick Clegg could actually be the next Prime Minister he would have my vote.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:27 16 Apr 2010

It saddens me greatly when I hear the usual wide-eyed doom brains on TV wittering that they will decide how to vote....on the basis of last night's televised 'debate'. A Country gets the Government it deserves.


  Þ² 10:34 16 Apr 2010

Clegg was too much the actor, Brown = desperation and Cameron didn't level up to the hype of 'big talker'.

Every time Clegg said something on libdem policy brown went "I'm glad Nick agrees with me on...." eventually Clegg turns and says "No, I don't!"

The only one to show themselves as PM material was Cameron, and he was the only one that made comments I agreed with....

Cut out the bloat, save money and scrap the tax on jobs.

Scrapping the £250 trustfund for kids, scaling back tax credits for those fifty? grand and scrapping Trident is what I liked from the LibDems.

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