Lazy people

  interzone55 20:29 28 Oct 2008

Here's a fresh subject away from the markets & sweary people.

Tonight I just popped into my local Asda and as usual the car par was full of wandering trolleys. There's plenty of trolley kennels around the car park, so you're never more than about 20 - 30 metres away from one, yet scores of people find this too difficult and some are even left in the parking bay next to the kennel, now that is shear bone idolness.

Begin your rants now...

  peter99co 20:37 28 Oct 2008

Have you ever said anything to the lazy idiots. I did once, Never again!

I did see a payback once when a driver left the trolley and a car backed into it and propelled it into the side of the car belonging to the person who had left it just as they drove past.

  lofty29 22:36 28 Oct 2008

Most of the supermarkets near us now have to have a £1 coin deposited to get a trolly, which you only get back when you park the trolley properly, a dam good idea.

  josie mayhem 23:07 28 Oct 2008

A goog idea the pound, but a real pain in thr butt if you haven't got change in you though

  GRIDD 23:12 28 Oct 2008

I have a trolley token (same size as a £ coin) on a keyring.

  Forum Editor 23:42 28 Oct 2008

is a loose trolley, trundling across a car-park towards your car, gathering speed as it goes. You're 50 metres away of course, and unable to do anything. It's one of those heart-stopping moments as you wonder whether it will veer safely off towards someone else's car, hit some obstruction and stop, or plough straight on into your headlight cluster - the one that fits neatly into your insurance policy's excess figure.

Why don't they fit supermarket trollies with those handles that my lawn mower has - the one that you have to keep your hand on, otherwise the thing just stops?

And another thing...

Why do some people insist on leaving their trolley unattended, sideways on, slap bang in the middle of the aisle as they calmly browse the shelves?

And why do others completely ignore the sign that says 'Please take a ticket' at the delicatessen counter and shout their order at the person serving, when there are six of us patiently waiting our turn, tickets in hand?

You can tell who does the shopping in our house, can't you?

  Macscouse 23:51 28 Oct 2008

Any trolley in the middle of the aisle is fair game to me. I just plough onwards, and if anything is said, I reply " Didn't see it, trouble with the eyes, you know", as they chase after their trolley.

  Si_L 00:03 29 Oct 2008

Same here, but if you think you can use it in a vending machine when you forgot to have breakfast one day, you would be wrong!

  Chegs ®™ 08:02 29 Oct 2008

Our supermarkets all adopted the coin slots in an attempt to reduce all the dumped trolleys around town.One even installed miniture speed cushions on the footpaths to discourage people from wheeling the trolley off home then just pushing it out the gate for kids to run amok with.Even with these measures,people were taking the trolley home and dumping it or returning it to the store after closing & then kids would be seen pushing trolleys loaded with a drunken mate.Most stores now employ a trolley collector(who seems to double as car parking enforcement officer noting down registrations into a black box,and issuing a ticket if the cars been there over 2 hours)Come to think of it,he does several other tasks too,sweeping,toilet attendant and on occasion security gaurd.

My biggest complaint about venturing into any town/city in the UK is rain.Not because I dislike the weather but because women (especially older women) scurry along,head bent down & the brolly held like a multi-pronged lance,I've twice had my glasses knocked off this "summer" and afterwards thought "thank god I had them on or she'd have had my eye out"

  WhiteTruckMan 08:31 29 Oct 2008

'why dont they....' usually has a the answer 'money'. I agree that the best solution is the £ deposit trolleys. Lack of a coin is a nuisance, but we have one of those keyring token things on our car keys so now its never a problem.

Bumps, scrapes and dings also arent a problem to me as I have an old clunker for my daily driver, and an odd blemish is irrelevant to me. But if its a problem for others, I would ask them why do you insist on parking as close to the entrance as possible? Its like some form of herd instinct. Supermarket car parks are usually quite generous, so park where there are less cars; the walk will do you good, and trolleys have wheels.


  peter99co 08:39 29 Oct 2008

I recently had my car washed at a supermarket. The Car Washer spoke in a foreign accent and there where about six in the team. They each had wheeled yellow carts with water tanks and equipment boxes. They did a great job of cleaning and drying the car, especially the glass. Cost me £5. I might have them do it again soon now there is salt on the roads again.

Does that mean I am lazy?

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