Is this the laziest ...

  Clapton is God 09:18 19 Sep 2007

use of MSN Messenger?

My elder daughter shares a student house with 5 other girl friends.

They all use MSN Messenger to communicate with each other from their bedrooms.

My daughter can actually hear her friend in the adjoining room tapping on the keyboard as she types her messages!

  Si_L 09:22 19 Sep 2007

Thats not lazy, its sensible :)

  Marko797 10:46 19 Sep 2007

Is this the state of the world now then CiG (lol).
Reminds me of the advert that was on TV some time ago about mobile fones & txting, & the couple sat across from each other at a cafe table, and one txting to the other 'pass me the ketchup please'.

  Seth Haniel 10:59 19 Sep 2007

probably each message has to pass half way round the world before it reaches the next room


  dagbladet 11:11 19 Sep 2007

Nothing really new. I remember about 35 years ago, my sister sitting on the phone - when they used to be on a little table in the hall - and chatting to her mate across the road. They both had the front doors open and were waving to each other.

  Clapton is God 11:50 19 Sep 2007

"So, maybe these girls are doing this so they can be bitchy about one of their number without her knowing"

Definitely not.

All 6 girls get on together like the proverbial house on fire. They even meet up out of Term time at their home addresses.

  Clapton is God 12:13 19 Sep 2007

"it has long-term ramifications for these young women in terms of their abilities to socialise and interact with real people"

Have you had a humour transplant or do you always talk such drivel?

I raised the subject to give Forum members a chuckle.

We are talking about 6 University students here.

I for one can't think of a better environment in which to "socialise and interact with real people".

  Marko797 13:33 19 Sep 2007

Consider us well & truly 'chuckled'...well most of us anyway.

  interzone55 13:40 19 Sep 2007

We email across the office all the time at work, that way, as fourm member says, you can be bitchy about your colleagues without them knowing.

  €dstowe 14:18 19 Sep 2007

Cheaper than text messaging which, I understand, is "the" thing now in Uni communication.

  Legolas 14:37 19 Sep 2007

We email around the office all the time as it is a good way to get something across to everyone quickly, where I always feel uncorfotable is when I need to contact one of my collegues a few seats away and my supervisor will say give them a call, no they are only a few seconds away, phoning someone so close makes me feel stupid.

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