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  WhiteTruckMan 20:37 11 Jul 2007

Is something that definitely looks better value than the previous wireless router. So much so that I am wavering on the point of actually cracking the wallet open! Still thinking about it. I have to say though that it looks remarkable like some 2 gig versions I bought for the house apes

click here

They are very usefull as pen drives as well, but I would query the description on the pca page

click here

where it says "including an inbuilt radio, allowing 50 channel presets " i thought that was what I was getting before but it turned out to be built into the headphone leads as a seperate lump, hardly ideal and long since gone to the landfill as kids damage headphone leads very easily. I'd be gratefull for any comment from PCA on this.


  grumphy 21:07 11 Jul 2007

Looks good just going on holiday hope its there

when I come back.

  interzone55 21:15 11 Jul 2007

This item has finally made me restart my subscription, I had no use for the last offer, but this one looks good.

Personally not too bothered about the radio, as I have one on my phone, but if it's there it'll come in useful.

Amazing isn't it. 18 months ago I parted with the best part of £100 for a 1 gig creative nano, which I promptly lost. Now we have a 4 gig device that retails at £40, but given away with a subscription.

  Si_L 21:51 11 Jul 2007

When MP3 players first came out, I thought I had a bargain getting my little 256kb MP3 pen for £70! I have learned my lesson though, just hold onto your money for a while and the price plummets when new technology is concerned.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:03 11 Jul 2007

You are perfectly correct about plunging prices. However, I have found that on the whole prices tend to remain fairly static but what you get for your money tends to go up. (others may disagree with me, but its just an observation of what has popped up on my 'radar').

However at some point you have to dip at least a toe in the water, if not take the actual plunge, otherwise you might as well leave your money in the bank and not enjoy any benefits of a new gadget.

A good case in point is cd writers. I got my first one after they dropped below £100. My current dvd writer cost less than £18 I dont even want to know what cdrw drives cost these days! But it was a personal choice, and I knew that the cost of a burner would burn me! (couldnt resist getting that last one in-sorry!)


  lisa02 22:12 11 Jul 2007

Just signed up.

A very inviting offer.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:46 11 Jul 2007

But RRP £40?

click here



  Forum Editor 23:06 11 Jul 2007

RRP means Recommended Retail Price, as I'm sure you know. You can always buy items cheaper than the manufacturer's RRP, and as you've discovered, you can buy this one for £9 less, but of course you won't be paying anything.

As far as the radio is concerned, all I can do is to repeat the manufacturer's blurb - the same one that's on the site you link to in fact:

"..It comes with an inbuilt Radio, allowing 50 channel presets".

  WhiteTruckMan 23:19 11 Jul 2007

to hear if anyone at PCA has actually held one of these little beauties in their hands, and not just struck a deal based on a picture and some specs.

I went to the computersupermarket site to see if I could find more info, not for the price. But by the time you have added P&P its a lot closer to £40.


  anskyber 23:25 11 Jul 2007

I have not used one but, heck, what a great offer. Frankly the sub is worth it for the price reduction alone in the mag, straight to your door.

  Brumas 23:47 11 Jul 2007

This MP3 player has enticed me to restart my subscription - now I shall have a spare - or even His'n'Hers ;o)

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