Latest poll- who should police internet content?

  jack 10:28 14 Sep 2005

As the poll asks Who should?

I voted for the latter,
Not because I have any desire to download such stuff, but becuase for the supplier/Government to intervene is censorship- which has been argued over for so long in the all other forms of media.

In an tem in the current issue of the 'Oldie'
magazine 'Webster' the internet correspondent stated that with all matters internet govenments and national borders not with standing - all traffic is routed through 13 centres[hubs?] all located in California. If this is true then policing if it is to be done could/should be in the hands of one authority - located in confused and bemused USofA

  Pooke 10:36 14 Sep 2005

We wouldn't have porn and nasty images thrust upon us if it weren't for unscupulous malware creators and advertisers. Leave the porn where it is, accessible by those who want it and tackle the gits that create pop ups and the like that entice young users of the Internet to "click here".

It should be a combination of ISP and Government to tackle these issues, although I voted "ISP" in the poll.

  wee eddie 11:28 14 Sep 2005

Whether the politically correct like it or not, Porn drives the net.

It has been consistently profitable since the net's inception and until human nature changes, is likely to remain so.

The problem is, as I see it, to separate those items on the net which are desirable from those which you, as an individual, do not wish to access.

I am much of the same way of thinking as Pooke in this.

  octal 13:05 14 Sep 2005

"Who should take responsibility for policing violent pornographic images"

I’m not so sure we haven’t already got laws to cover this under the obscene publications act which covers violent pornographic images, if it isn’t, should it not be modified to cover to net? Which will leave normal pornography alone.

The problem is sites external to this country, so the ISP's within our country would have to take responsibilty for blocking those sites under direction of the government, as with obscene publications at the moment.

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