The latest poll re skype

  Legolas 19:25 20 Aug 2007

I do have skype and I voted 'I was bearing with it', but on second thoughts although at times the sound wasn't great I don't think that was down to skype. When my mate and his family were living in Canada for a few months skype allowed me to talk to and see them for nothing so in retrospect I think skype is excellent, they are home now so haven't used it for a while.

  Chegs ®™ 20:11 20 Aug 2007

I use it very occasionally to talk to friends around the globe that I'm playing online games against,but as my preferred method to talk to them is teamspeak I dont see a category that fits.

  J B 20:28 20 Aug 2007

I have it on the computer but in all truth I like Windows Live Messenger more. I understand that 8.5 beta is supposed to be even better although I have yet to try it out. J.B.

  Legolas 20:41 20 Aug 2007

I know next to nothing about live messenger. Can you use a wireless enabled phone with messenger as you can with skype, thus stopping you from being tied to the computer.

I never got round to getting one myself as my friends were not in Canada long enough for me to try one out.

  interzone55 21:55 20 Aug 2007

I dread contacting any of my clients who use VOIP, either I have to phone them back three or four times as the connection keeps dropping, or the line is so bad that I can hear everything I've just said about half a second later.

A terrible system which just proves that TCP/IP was never meant for transmitting streaming media

  wolfie3000 21:58 20 Aug 2007

Im with Chegs on this one,
I talk to alot of fellow gamers across the globe, either playing or just chatting about games and i use either Teamspeak in game or MSN messenger when out of a game.

  ualagniB 22:04 20 Aug 2007

I regularly phone friends in Australia using Skype, (My computer to their normal phone). So far it's saved me a small fortune compared to a normal land line. It costs me about 25 pence for 30 minutes which I consider good value and the clarity is brilliant. If they had Skype on their computer it would be free calls. How can you beat that?

  Brumas 22:18 20 Aug 2007

As our Son has a skype phone we bought one so that he could contact us when he invariably ran out of credit on his mobile - which is often!
Also he sometimes uses the Chat facility, when he is at work and bored, to chat to his Mum.

We have also used it to phone friends in the US and found it to be as clear as talking to someone in the next room - also it costs rather less then using the conventional phone!

  DieSse 00:28 21 Aug 2007

All my Internet and telephone is via a wide-area wireless system ('cos I live out in the country in Spain, and there's no telephone line).

The phone is a proprietary (don't know who) hardware VoIP system provided by the ISP, and comes with a regular(ish) telephone number (a la Skype-in, Skype-out).

It works, just as well as a regular telephone, excellent quality, and only gives a problem (as you would expect) when the radio link is down, which we get now and again.

I also use Jajah - (for free calls to the UK) - which is also excellent quality, and is initiated from the computer, but runs over the telephone.

I have used Gizmo too - with more success than Skype.

Incidentally - with Jajah you can get 150 free mins a month to another Jajah users landline. We managed to set a non-computer-user relative in the UK as a Jajah user, via a computer elsewhere. Although they can't call us free (no computer to initiate the call) - we can now call them free - and with "just like a regular" phone quality and ease.

  Tigertops 16:57 21 Aug 2007

I've used Skype mainly for webcam video calls within the UK and with NZ for a year now. I am pretty happy with the FREE service and the quality in both sound and picture butyou do need to be sure that those at each end have PCs that are powerful enough to handle it. My laptop with an Intel Celeron M 1.4 processor and 1Gb RAM could not hack it. I built (for the first time) a PC with a dual core processor and 2 GB ram and Skype works perfectly. I like it over anything else I have tried but am open to suggestions

  Stuartli 16:59 21 Aug 2007

I used to use it quite happily at one time with a 400MHz Celeron and then a 550MHz Pentium III.

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