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  [DELETED] 16:34 24 May 2006

Just read the latest poll.

If I discovered that my employer was using illegal software:

Is this a valid poll? Are there employers out there using illegal software?

No employer that I have ever worked for would even contemplate using illegal software, given the cost of the software versus the fines if found out.

I am retired now but have worked for local councils, Croydon and Norfolk. Also large International Construction Company’s and, perhaps, the biggest Insurance company in the UK (think “quote me happy”)

Or are we talking about the local “one man band” plumber, electrician, landscape gardener type business with only 2 or 3 employees?

I haven’t responded to the poll because:

How would I know whether the company is using illegal software? (they have employed me and given me a computer to use with all the software installed ready to use).

  [DELETED] 16:48 24 May 2006

Larger organisations have historically been better at using only legal software, They typically have dedicated IT staff who make it part of their job to make sure they comply. Failure to do so risks not only the fines but also loss of reputation and I think risks of liability. It would also reflect very badly on the IT department involved.

Also software costs especially for ancilliary programs where only one or two user licences are needed are small change for larger organisations.

The smaller the business the more attractive pirated software could seem as the cost of something like CAD for example could represnt a far greater proportion of revenue. It is going to be far more widespread in these areas

  [DELETED] 16:48 24 May 2006

I agree with your logic of how would we know if the software is illegal.

As I have posted before, I work in a very large, multinational company and have no idea as to the licences that such a large company would have to buy. Also, how would I know if they have too many workstations installed with the relevant software and how would I prove it?

The only thing I can think about would be the smaller/middle size companies who MIGHT use AVG free on their systems or something like that. But would I want to put my own job at risk by whistle blowing? I know that the system is called anonymous, but there are ways of identifying 'leaks' and I have seen this being investigated first hand. Personally, I'd keep it quiet and keep my job, if it were to happen, for all the reasons I have given!



  [DELETED] 16:57 24 May 2006

All the software I use on my studio machines and at home is legit and paid for. Even for the "free" software, I either buy the paid-for version if there is one or make a contribution to the usual request box on the download site.

I expect people to pay for my goods and services so I don't see why I should try and abrogate my responsibilities when using the goods and services of others.

  bremner 17:15 24 May 2006

Surely this is a simple straw poll asking a straight forward question.

It does not matter how you would know just how you would react if you did.

  [DELETED] 17:18 24 May 2006

The question is "if you discovered", how you would find this out I don't know but thats not the question.
Are there companies using illegal software? I would say yes but have to agree that most of them would be small fry. I'm sure that large companies would not take the chance.

  Forum Editor 17:34 24 May 2006

using illegal software, which is why I posted the poll. What I'm interested in is what you would do if you discovered your employer was using illegal software.

How would you know? There are many ways in which you might get to know, but if you read the poll questions you'll see that I said "If I discovered that my employer was using illegal software". Surely you can answer hypothetically?

  watchful 18:09 24 May 2006

I remember voting on this (or similar) some time ago and it says I have already voted in this one....but I haven't?

  Forum Editor 18:12 24 May 2006

It's been running a while. I'll be changing it soon.

  [DELETED] 00:47 25 May 2006

I've certainly seen the 'IT techs' (I use tech very loosely - they really are stunningly clueless when it comes to very simple computer stuff) use Adaware and such on machines - but i'm not sure I'd say anything (except mutter about how totally deranged they are about using such things without backing anything up - which of course then killed the HDD, and hence about 6 months of work disappeared)

  [DELETED] 09:17 25 May 2006

Personally, I would ignore it. It's none of my business!

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