The latest nuisance call rubbish

  bumpkin 20:46 03 Mar 2015

Not triple glazing, 12" thick loft insulation or even Solar panels. Now it is the Government supported of course (green energy) Heat pumps. I have even seen these advertised on this site. Apparently they take warm air from outside and pump it in, most homes are normally warmer on the inside anyway. I did discuss it with the guy as a matter of interest and am told that it works by refrigeration even in winter (you would not want it in summer in any case) That is feasable to produce a minimal amount of heat but requires a power supply to do so. Based on their most likely exagerated claims it gives a "payback time" and that is assuming that nothing goes wrong with it that requires expensive repairs of about 30yrs by which time I will not be here and it will be obsolete anyway.

  Al94 21:09 03 Mar 2015

TPS or whistle - your call!

  bumpkin 21:29 03 Mar 2015

Ho Ho, TPS and a call blocker but some still get through. I normally just hang up when they do but not knowing anything about it I thought I would listen to the bullshit untill they started arranging for the surveyor to call, then barred the number and hung up.

  bumpkin 21:34 03 Mar 2015

A whistle is not much use anymore anyway as there is volume limitation to prevent hearing injury to the caller. A shame really!

  Forum Editor 22:18 03 Mar 2015

Actually heat pumps are extremely efficient if properly installed and used. it's a big subject, but large numbers of heat pumps are installed and working well in peoples' homes.

  bumpkin 22:42 03 Mar 2015

FE, that may well be the case. I can understand how they work but as I have said they require a power supply to operate using electricity. Possibly they are suitable for some situations, but in my case and I expect many others a payback time of 30yrs is a poor investment. Solar panels work but there is no way I would have them. My point really is that with most energy saving devices or insulation products is that the "estimated" saving is grossly exagerated in many cases using the normal "Up to" quotation, so up to 30% could mean 4%.

  morddwyd 08:03 04 Mar 2015

"Ho Ho, TPS and a call blocker but some still get through."

Then you need a better call blocker!

We've had this conversation before, but only 39 numbers in the whole world, including all mobiles, are allowed to ring me direct, and I have not had one unwanted call in more than five years. Perhaps just as important, I have not lost one wanted call either.

For the record, my call blocker log shows that it is filtering three or .four a week

  Quickbeam 08:24 04 Mar 2015

First time I've heard of this.

  Pine Man 08:26 04 Mar 2015

Like morddwyd I have a call blocker.

Mine is the latest BT8500 phone and since I got it I haven't had a single nuisance call.

It's impossible for them to get through and they are trying at the rate of about 2/3 a day!

  HondaMan 08:54 05 Mar 2015

I use Trucall. Since installing it - and programming it correctly - I have only had a couple of unwanted calls which got through

  LanceAlot 12:27 05 Mar 2015

TPS or whistle - your call!

I'm always astonished, every time threads like this crop up, by the number of people who think it's OK to wreak revenge on cold callers - sending ear-splitting noises down the line etc.

That kind of behaviour takes you way down below the level of those who carry out the cold-calling activities in the first place. By far the simplest way to terminate the call is just to replace the receiver - don't say anything, or do anything.

Behaving in a juvenile manner yourself isn't going to stop these people calling you in any case.

I'm always amazed at people who deliberately try to cause injury to others by their idiotic ruses. The ear is a delicate instrument - why attack it?

The person doing the calling is probably someone who is trying to eke out a living (possibly due to dire circumstances?) or just not wanting to be a 'dole scrounger' (the same people would doubtless be calling them for everything if they hadn't got a job!!!).

You don't cure this 'problem' by hurting the poor guys at the sharp end, and to derive satisfaction from wilful bodily harm is pathetic.

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