The latest gas/electricity price rises.

  gengiscant 12:29 06 Sep 2011

Just had my online bill informing me that in line with the price increases of 18% Gas and 16% Electricity announced earlier in the year by British Gas my monthly bill has jumped not 18% for gas but 34%.

I have just phoned and questioned why this is so but as the account is not in my name, but my partners and who is out at the moment, the customer service rep is unable to answer my questions until she has permission of the account holder. Even though after she gets this permission she will be dealing with me.

That aside,I expect the amount of the rise to be reduced as I don't think they will be able to justify the 34% increase.

But I wonder how many people just except these rises without actually looking in to them. A big difference between 18% and 34%. No doubt I will get the same excuse as I got the last time they tried this sort of thing on,very apologetic and blamed computer software and explained that they had little control over what the computerised billing system sent out to British Gas customers.

I look forward to round 2 with customer service later today after they have obtained my good ladies permission for them to talk to me.

  birdface 13:22 06 Sep 2011

Round 2 should be looking for providers that will do it cheaper.

I am not a British Gas lover so they would not be on my list.

I heard in the news about a fortnight ago that one of the company's that provide Gas and Electric profits were up 100% since last year.

You have to ask why the government allows it.

All you have to do is go online and search and make sure you know or have a good idea as to what you have been charged for the last year or what energy that you have used in that time.

Some of the providers will charge you for leaving unless you have complained that you were not happy with the price increase and you wanted to leave.

The provider that I am with does not charge but I would take a bet that yours would.

  birdface 13:30 06 Sep 2011

Just had a quick look out of the 5 Tarrif's that they do they charge on 2 of them.

£30 for each fuel and the other one just said £55.

  gengiscant 14:02 06 Sep 2011

Just switched saved £18.00 a month. Guaranteed not to change till spring 2013, hopefully I will be fully recovered long before then and back to work so with any luck it might not be as much as a problem as it is now.

  johndrew 14:17 06 Sep 2011

It all appears to be one of the 'joys' of privatisation.

Was a time when the gas and electricity people had high street street showrooms/offices where they were helpful and approachable. Now we have 'company statements' produced by accountants to provide dividends and bills containing hidden elements to pay for alternative, green power.

Another example of 'progress' I suppose!!

  birdface 14:25 06 Sep 2011


That looks like a good deal.Do you mind sharing who you went to as I am about to change as well but I have not made my mind up who to go with.

I am only trying to change my gas provider and not all of them does that.

Another little toy for you to have a look at.Nothing to do with fuel costs.

  gengiscant 14:39 06 Sep 2011


Its Npower.

and your link does not work.

  birdface 15:06 06 Sep 2011

Yes I tried N-power and can get my gas £90 odd £ cheaper so they are favorites at the moment.

I have been trying to get in touch with the Coop to see how much they charge for gas but they don't do it via the internet for gas alone so I have to phone them.

I will be doing this every year from now on we have some greedy domestic fuel providers out there.

Thanks for the Information.

Yes that link does not work I will see if I can get another link that does.

  birdface 15:15 06 Sep 2011

It was this for laptop batteries.

Click on the screenshot to see what it does.

Knowing you you will already have something like this downloaded.

  gengiscant 15:33 06 Sep 2011

Do not have a laptop,the only time I have had one is if it has been gifted to me,then I upgrade as best I can then flog. I am a desktop man, the best I can afford to build. But thanks anyway.

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