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Late night tonight anyone perhaps?

  Cymro. 14:05 12 Dec 2019

So what do you intend to do about staying up late to watch the results of the General Election come in on Telly tonight? There was a time many years ago when we used to turn it into a sort of all night party with drinks and food etc. Those days are long past for the wife and I. We do well to just get the early results and the BBC Exit Poll these days.

  Quickbeam 06:09 03 Jan 2020

qwbos, WOW! Have you cleared your chest fully...?

  Quickbeam 06:16 03 Jan 2020


"I believe if Scotland wants independence then it should be a uk vote and not just for Scotland."

Well that would certainly get the sour grapes English prejudiced ill thought out votes on side for Nicola! It worked very well for Farage and Brexit...

  john bunyan 07:35 03 Jan 2020

*Qwbos *

I doubt if you would get a column in “Wings over Scotland “ . I hope more than 50% of Scotland see it like you do

  Dunk 08:53 03 Jan 2020


"How long before the SNP, or whoever's left to clean up the mess, would be looking for Acts of Union 2?"

Can I ask you how many former countries that have gained independence from the UK have ever, later, actually asked to return to the 'club'? We both know the answers, I suppose, about 63 countries have "gone independent" from the UK, and I'm sure you'll tell me how many of them have asked to come back in !!

However, you are obviously quite contented in your 'shortbread heaven', living off the largesse of we English taxpayers, so I think I'll leave you to your delusions, and hope the Scots get their independence, and England gets the benefit of our own money. "Saor Alba" as I suppose you guys might say??

  qwbos 02:17 04 Jan 2020

Dunk's comments

Yet again demonstrating the attention span of a gnat. Still no attempt to address points raised, but choosing to go off on yet more bizarre directions. Clearly a sad, put upon little Englander.

I would have hoped with the degrees you grabbed before running off to commerce (nose picking and bum scratching, now selling the Big Issue?), you'd have been able to understand why "former countries" had remained independent. Their relatively short connections were arms length, not connected at the hip.

Britain's interests were economic and/or strategic, with the economic advantage falling to Britain. You're not comparing eggs with eggs.

And they're still countries. Did you mean former colonies perhaps?

However, you are obviously quite contented in your 'shortbread heaven'

Am I?

living off the largesse of we English taxpayers,

That would be UK taxpayers. Are you going to adopt the same attitude towards the Falklands, Gibraltar etc? Fair bit of "largesse" there for you to go after.

I think I'll leave you to your delusions

Only one person delusional in this thread. You've put up "fact" after "fact". When these "facts" have been shown to be rubbish, you haven't challenged a single response, nor have you challenged any of the facts presented to you that go against your argument.

"Saor Alba" as I suppose you guys might say??

"Might" being the operative word with around 1% of the population capable of speaking some Gaelic, and considerably fewer than that using it in anything other than as a hobby language.

Despite that, the SNP insist on spending vast amounts of taxpayers money adding Gaelic names to road signs, making them larger and confusing to many. We also benefit (?) from having the Gaelic names added to emergency vehicles. Ironic when some fire services in Scotland are so stretched for cash they can't paint their vehicles.

Gaelic's been in decline since the eleventh century, a time where the SNP and their supporters should return to.

  Dunk 08:29 04 Jan 2020


Finally, to you:-

1) "Their relatively short connections were arms length, not connected at the hip." IRELAND??

2) "put upon little Englander.", "nose picking and bum scratching, now selling the Big Issue?" I accept that you cannot help getting personal ( when posting in the 'early hours', regularly), is this when alcohol starts to kick in?

3) SNP still got 80% of Scottish MPs in last GE - how badly does that hurt a disgruntled Scots Tory? Ffnaugh, Ffnaugh.........


  qwbos 20:30 04 Jan 2020

I accept that you cannot help getting personal

You launched that ship a long time ago.

'early hours'

What has that got to do with anything. There's 24 hours in a day and we don't all live on a 9 to 5 schedule on GMT

is this when alcohol starts to kick in?

Indeed not, for all sorts of reasons. I hope that's not a bit of racial stereotyping!!

Ffnaugh, Ffnaugh



We live in hope.

  Forum Editor 10:49 05 Jan 2020

On 1st January I suggested that we gave the nitpicking a rest. On 2nd January it continued, unabated.

There's no future in it, you are dancing on the head of a pin and doing it endlessly, in the forlorn hope that someone will emerge victorious... point proved, job done. That isn't going to happen, and surely it's time you realised that.

Please take a walk in the fresh air and leave it be for now. There will be lots of opportunities to renew the argument as time goes by.

I've had enough divisiveness over the last few years to last two lifetimes. Isn't it time we found some common ground topics to discuss? I can come up with a few, and I'm sure you could if you tried.

  Dunk 11:22 05 Jan 2020



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