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Late night tonight anyone perhaps?

  Cymro. 14:05 12 Dec 2019

So what do you intend to do about staying up late to watch the results of the General Election come in on Telly tonight? There was a time many years ago when we used to turn it into a sort of all night party with drinks and food etc. Those days are long past for the wife and I. We do well to just get the early results and the BBC Exit Poll these days.

  Pine Man 15:25 12 Dec 2019

Late night? Not me - tomorrow will come soon enough, or even too soon!

  Quickbeam 15:37 12 Dec 2019

If they predict a close call I'll keep up to find out. If the prediction is confident I'll go to bed either happy or unhappy!

  Aitchbee 18:35 12 Dec 2019

I'll be tuning into BBC Radio4's Election Special tonight ... and through the wee small hours; I've got a few wagers on various specific outcomes to keep me interested.

click here

  john bunyan 19:07 12 Dec 2019


I’ll do the same. We may well be in for a surprise as the turnout seems high.

The Leave win at the referendum proved how one can’t rely on polls too much.

An election where people vote, not for a leader they like as neither are liked except by their acolytes, but avoid voting for the one they abhor the more.

  john bunyan 22:14 12 Dec 2019

IF the exit poll is correct, does it mean that Marxism will have to be abandoned by Labour? Tony Blair, like him or loathe him, with “New Labour “ won 2 elections with a more centrist policy. IF the poll is anywhere right , surely Corbyn and McDonnell will have to go. NB I did not vote Tory!

  Quickbeam 22:25 12 Dec 2019

JB, yes, the membership must now accept their folly in going far left in the 21st century.

It's apparently worse than Michael Foot did and Corbyn didn't even wear a donkey jacket!

  Forum Editor 22:36 12 Dec 2019

I heard someone say that if the exit poll is right, the total number of votes cast for Labour could be the worst since the Party was founded.

It's early, and exit polls are not infallible. This one would have to be wildly wrong to make an appreciable difference however, so I'm calling it a night.

  Quickbeam 22:48 12 Dec 2019

I don't often agree with the FE lately...

  AroundAgain 01:00 13 Dec 2019

Yep, I'm still up but, I have to admit, not for the election results!!! In fact, TV is off, radio is off and I'll listen to my MP3 overnight instead of the radio (I don't sleep well so like something playing music for when I'm awake - makes the night more 'friendly' ;)

Goodnight to everyone else who hasn't 'retired' to bed yet ;)

I'll cope with hearing the results later today, when it reaches my ears - but maybe I won't be wearing my hearing aids today ... ;) LOL

  Quickbeam 05:45 13 Dec 2019

I'm thinking that possibly Corbyn wasn't necessarily Labour's best choice for leader...

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