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Lasting Power of Attorney

  Pine Man 10:04 20 Mar 2018

A lot of forum members are in the upper (very upper) age bracket and I thought I would share this info with you.

My wife and I have each decided to create a Lasting Power of Attorney following all sorts of problems with our parent’s health and managing their estates prior to death. We don't want to inflict those sorts of problems on our children.

I looked at all the local solicitors and the best deal I could come up with was £395 + VAT each, which does not include the £82 each Registration fee. Most were a lot, lot dearer!

If any of you are considering making an LPA have a look at the Government web site first.

You can download the forms or complete them on line. It may look a little daunting, but it took me about two hours and 48 sheets of A4 paper to complete the forms for both of us and all I need now are a few signatures and the £82 Registration fee.

Over £900 saved!!

If you haven’t considered an LPA think about it as it resolves a lot of potentially, expensive and troublesome problems.

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  Watchman123 13:41 24 Aug 2018

When we did our LPAs we used a Solicitors. We started out by doing it ourselves but with all the paperwork it became a nightmare. The Solicitors were really helpful and it meant all we had to do was pop into the office once and sign all the paperwork. It definitly depends on your outlook and how you are with all the paperwork. Pine Man, you deserve a lot of credit going through all that paperwork! It was like counting hairs for me!

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