Last reponse by xxxx at time and date

  bumpkin 20:33 20 Mar 2018

I refer to looking at the forums and who has replied. When I look to see the replies some of them are not there. I can understand this in the case of spammers or others that break the rules but some are from long established members.

  Aitchbee 20:49 20 Mar 2018

we don't condone religious intolerance, sexism, racism, bad language, personal abuse, partisan politics or libellous statements. The Forum Editor's decision on such matters is final, and posts which break the rules will be removed without prior warning.

If you don't play by the rules, your name is mud.

  Forum Editor 22:44 20 Mar 2018

"If you don't play by the rules, your name is mud."

Some people might say that's fair enough - the rules are there for a reason. I might say it's not a fact that your name is mud if you break a rule every now and again.

bumpkin might be referring to posts that are in the wrong forum area - I move them to another area, and sometimes I do it several times a day. if it's posts in existing threads that are gone it can be for several reasons. If someone posts a message to say that xyz is a spammer, I may ban the spammer, which removes his/her spam post and then we're left with people wondering who xyz is, so I remove the notifying post as well - usually that's from a long-standing forum member.

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