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  gardener 23:36 01 Mar 2009

Banks get billions and the Royal Mail gets nothing. Is this fair?

  Forum Editor 23:53 01 Mar 2009

Well you obviously don't. Perhaps you would like the taxpayer to fork out hundreds of millions of pounds for every business that says it needs money?

  rdave13 00:05 02 Mar 2009

Quite right Forum Editor. Give it all to the failing banks with the exceptions of two that refused a government bail out.

  gardener 00:08 02 Mar 2009

Forum Editor,
No, I would just like to see a good and necessary service stay under public control.

  Forum Editor 00:10 02 Mar 2009

that the government has stated that a controlling interest will remain in public ownership.

  gardener 00:16 02 Mar 2009

Forum editor,
I hope you're right, but time will tell.

  rdave13 00:18 02 Mar 2009

So the problems of the pension schemes will remain, as with all the public workers? click here

  ened 07:04 02 Mar 2009

"a controlling interest will remain in public ownership"

That's all right then: we can relax because it is in safe hands!!!!

This Government consists of Social Workers, Lawyers, life time politicians and others who have never had to run a business.

They are bouncing from crisis to crisis and even creating the crisis in the first place.

Let us not forget it was our illustrious premier who contributed to the failing of the pension industry.

  newman35 07:19 02 Mar 2009

"This Government consists..."

and perhaps you'd like to comment on the previous lot who were primarily noted for the 'years of sleaze', imprisonments, cash for questions, 15% mortgage rates, etc etc??
Different colours, but they're all the same animals.

  ened 07:38 02 Mar 2009

In simple terms Maggie Thatcher set out to run the Country like a business and was quite successful -whilst she made mistakes she certainly set us on a course of prosperity which has been squandered since she left office.

Her Cabinet consisted of men who had run their own businesses and even self-made entrepeneurs like Michael Heseltine.

The sort of people we need, especially in a time like this, are practical people who understand business and not idiots who blithely hand out public cash in ill thought out and panic stricken deals like the bailing out of HBOS.

  newman35 09:59 02 Mar 2009

"she certainly set us on a course of prosperity"

Twas she who set all the conditions that led us to where we are now - unashamed consumerism, replacing industry with finance centres and suchlike.
Never look back with rose-tinted glasses - as I said they are all alike.

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