The Last Post

  crosstrainer 08:39 27 Jul 2007

After recieving several unsolicited and rather personal emails from people, I have decided to cease posting to the forums.

I have to say that the vast majority of members have been corteous and friendly, but life's too short to be bothered with unwarranted insults.

I will of course look forward to reading the mag every month.

  anskyber 08:53 27 Jul 2007

Goodness. I think you may wish to reconsider, or rather I hope you will. Have you forwarded the emails to the FE? He is rather strong on such inappropriate behaviour.

  Kate B 09:32 27 Jul 2007

crosstrainer, if you haven't, please do forward them on to Peter. He takes a very dim view of that kind of thing.

  DrScott 10:40 27 Jul 2007

people resorted to such things on this forum. Perhaps I'm not controversial enough!

Peter (FE) is the best person to report such things to.

It certainly shouldn't cause you to leave crosstrainer.

  postie24 11:11 27 Jul 2007

Name and shame i say.
Hope you reconsider,you contribute a huge amount to this forum.

  Jim Thing 12:13 27 Jul 2007

..for what's been written already. Please leave it to FE to deal with the unsavoury elements —which he will, in double-quick time I'm sure.

And don't forget that he knows who they are, just in case they try to register again under other names.

Please reconsider.

  crosstrainer 12:36 27 Jul 2007

All for your support, but I really have no wish to enter into a war!

I never considered myself to be controversial, just given my honest opinion. It's sad that it only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch, but that's the way of the world.

The perpatrator of the deed knows who they are, and any of you who wish to email me in the future please do not hesitate to do so.

The FE has better things to do than get involved in this type of thing.

I will tick this resolved now...but by the way (for anyone with 6 and 7 series Nvidia cards, check out the new drivers DX10 ready!)

  Pine Man 12:42 27 Jul 2007

Don't do it - remember the double G&T!

Thanks for the help you have given me recently, not to mention a few laughs.

  Kate B 12:51 27 Jul 2007

I'd also like to say thank you, crosstrainer, for all your help and remote hand-holding, especially over the PSU horror, and for your friendship and great contributions to this board.

  Earthsea 14:40 27 Jul 2007

I expect FE probably gets lots of abusive email too.

  wee eddie 14:58 27 Jul 2007

Whenever one ventures into public there is the risk of attracting the attention of loonies.

I'm sad, but not surprised, that they live here as well.

I was going to say, "Ignore them and they'll go away" but they won't. However you can rise above them and demonstrate your innate superiority.

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