At last, a PM who talks sense

  Al94 12:16 17 Dec 2011

I get more impressed by David Cameron as time goes by, this was a realistic and courageous speech

  Quickbeam 12:36 17 Dec 2011

Even though the vast majority of us don't practice any religion, he's quite right to confirm that our ways and customs are born of Christianity, and that is how this country conducts itself.

I think I can hear a can of worms opening...

  gigagiggles 13:48 17 Dec 2011

Quite a rosy-coloured view of Britain's history. Or maybe the negative aspects aren't taught at school or discussed at the dinner tables. I can see the positive values overflowing as opium was foisted and forced upon China. And the native inhabitants of colonies are treated as second- and third-class to the highly valued Christian patronage. And in the lush green backyard of Eire, their skin might as well be Martian green the way they were treated with Christian values.

And supposedly and allegedly, USA was born out of religiously-persecuted folks fleeing the great British nation and taking the risky voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.

  interzone55 15:32 17 Dec 2011

An awful lot of people think of themselves as Christian but only go to church for the old Hatch, Match & Despatch.

I think it was said pretty well by Rik Mayall in Bottom

Eddie: When did you last go to church? Richie: Well I don't have to go - I'm Church of England. What are you, Eddie? Eddie: I don't know. Richie: Well, what was your mother? Eddie: A wrestler.

  Condom 19:49 17 Dec 2011

Well I originally clicked on this heading as I was interested to see which country had a Prime Minister who talked sense hoping we might be able to persuade him to come to the UK. I felt let down -(.

David Cameron has clearly made this speach as he wished to get people off talking about the Europe question and the complete mess he nmade of the announcement about all the "same money" he was hoping to reinvest into solving the "problem family" issue. He may find he has stirred up another hornests nest with this one.

  Joseph Kerr 02:42 20 Dec 2011

"A belief in a fictional deity is not a necessary prerequisite to living a moral life and working to benefit the wider community."

Worryingly, I have to defend the man and say that he does seem to acknowledge that.

I haven't read the full text yet; I do hope it gives me plenty to criticize too.

  zzzz999 05:05 20 Dec 2011

'And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves.'

Nope nothing in the Christian text about Jesus protecting the Hedge Fund Managers.

  chub_tor 10:52 20 Dec 2011

fourm member

If a man leads a moral life, repects other human beings and all living creatures and tries to benefit the community he is not behaving like a Christian.

I don't quite follow that statement, Christians - who are followers of Jesus Christ - are following a man who lived a moral life, respected other human beings and all living creatures and tried to benefit the community He lived in.

If you had capitalised the H in your last sentence "Christians, those that deserve the name, are behaving like Him." it would make sense to those who believe that Jesus was the Son of God and those who believe he existed but was a man who stood out because he lived a moral life, etc.

  interzone55 11:04 20 Dec 2011


You've failed to understand fourm member's point

Christianity does not have a monopoly on morality. People lived moral lives long before Christ walked the earth.

You do not have to be Christian to live a moral life, and as many people have found out to their cost, you do not have to be moral to live a Christian life.

I was brought up Christian and was heavily involved with the local church community, but became totally disillusioned by the behaviour of many people in the church. They petty back-stabbing at one end, and the church Curate who beat and sexually assaulted his own children at the other end.

I now live a life that is very close to Christ's teachings (yes, I fully believe Christ was a real man, the truth of his divine parentage is another matter), but see no reason why a link to an organised religion would improve things...

  chub_tor 15:25 20 Dec 2011

alan14 and fourm member Neither of you has read what I have written. Show me where I have said "Christianity has a monopoly on morality" or where I have said that "Being good is the exclusive privilege of Christians" I was merely pointing out that fourm member's statement that "if a man leads a moral life, repects other human beings and all living creatures and tries to benefit the community he is not behaving like a Christian." is incorrect.

Whether you believe that Jesus was or was not the Son of God he was, according to the stories handed down over the generations, a highly moral being who respected others, living creatures and tried to benefit the community he lived in. His followers gave Him the title of Jesus the Christ and His followers are called Christians. And here lies the dilemma in fourm member's statement for if I live a moral life and respect other human beings then I am behaving like a Christian - that is a follower of the Christ.

Those who attend Christian churches and indulge in "petty back-stabbing at one end, and the church Curate who beat and sexually assaulted his own children at the other end" and who thus do not live a moral life are not Christians in the true sense of the word as they do not follow the teachings of the Christ. But there are also those who attend Christian churches who do live moral lives and it is they who must be included in the particular passage I picked out from fourm member's post and which is why I say he is incorrect in that particular statement.

  interzone55 16:54 20 Dec 2011


So by your rational a Muslim who lives a moral life is in fact a follower of Christ - I'd like to see you explain that one in a Mosque

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