At last!! A diet that I think I'll like.

  canarieslover 16:34 10 Nov 2010

I didn't see any mention of exercise either.
click here

  babybell 16:38 10 Nov 2010

This guy has done nothing new or creative, he is just calorie counting but with junk food.

All it means is he eats far less than he would if he was eating 'healthier' food.

  sunnystaines 18:30 10 Nov 2010

I could not eat all that junk

  canarieslover 18:55 10 Nov 2010

I know he was calorie counting and that wa why he lost the weight. The amazing thing was the changes to his cholesterol. The good multiplied and the bad diminished. I've had to eat healthy and take pills to get mine back within NHS guidelines.

Neither could I for very long, it was just that it would make a change not to have to work out what I could eat.

  OTT_B 21:00 10 Nov 2010

I keep an eye on the saturated fat, salt and trans fat content of the food I eat, amongst other things.
My general rule is that a meal should not have any more than 3% saturated fat. My salt intake is usually considerably lower than the government advised 6g per day.

It's been noticeable over the last few years that food once classed as 'junk', Walkers crisps, for example, are no where near as 'bad' for you as they once were. The salt and fat content is massively lower than it was 5 years ago. I wouldn't classify them as junk any more. Not regular eating, but not to be avoided either.

One other point of note is a leaflet I picked up in Burger King. They claim that a kids meal contains very low contents of salt and saturates, and compare this and a whole other bunch of fast food meals. It's produced by Burger King, although from memory, they did not do the research.

At the end of the day it comes back to this: If you want to lose weight, consume less calories than you burn.
If you want to assist with staying 'healthy', cap your saturated fat and salt intake...amongst other things!

  Grey Goo 21:35 10 Nov 2010

He has raised his circulating Insulin levels by ingesting a load of sugar.This has caused his body to burn anything it can get hold of.I suppose for a short time it should be alright but it's pretty stupid to mess with this kind of thing.

  timsmith259 17:56 11 Nov 2010

drink lemon water that should help

  timsmith259 17:58 11 Nov 2010

i be very careful declassify walkers crisps if they have been reduced in salt people may end up eating more packets of the stuff

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