At last

  Al94 14:29 05 May 2010

some good news click here

  wiz-king 14:38 05 May 2010

I'll fly over for a case!

  michaelw 16:11 05 May 2010

Great News! Now we'll have even more kids lying unconscious on the streets at the weekends, or having their stomachs pumped in our overcrowded hospitals.

  BT 16:46 05 May 2010

You don't need to go to Belfast to get these prices. Tescos had them last week for the prices qouted here in England.

  ronalddonald 23:19 05 May 2010

U know ive had school children approach me and asked me to go into a tesco to buy them booze they were offering me money as well as the money for the booze.

It sad that people like Al94 have no consideration for actions and for the consequence's that many children teenagers are becoming addicted to booze.

Al94 i wonder how much profit you make if your children were messed up on booze!

  [email protected] 23:54 05 May 2010

they do it because they want to, and will continue to do so as long as they can afford it.

The solution to the problem is not ever-increasing taxes on alcohol. We need to change the nation's attitude towards it, and that's no easy feat by any means! Personally, I think the most effective way would be to follow the Americans and increase the drinking age to 21. But is that fair on the thousands of 18-20 year olds that drink responsibly?

  spuds 00:46 06 May 2010

And lets not forget people Human Rights!.

It beats me how manufacturers are complaining about the price supermarkets are selling the stuff for, yet at the same time are supplying the supermarkets?.

  Bingalau 11:04 06 May 2010

The answer is to only sell booze in Public Houses. Do away with all off licences except for the public house ones. Stop supermarkets selling it. Most public house managers are responsible people believe it or not. Just imagine all the closed down pubs would re-open and no one under eighteen would be able to drink. (unless some idiotic adult buys it for them). Oh yes, allow pubs to have a smoking room, where those who want to shorten their lives can do so.

  [email protected] 23:24 06 May 2010

You're right, my statement was contradictory. What I was trying to say is that I don't think supermarket sales are making the binge drinking significantly worse than what it would be if it was sold at normal retail prices, and that unless the price of alcohol went up by a very serious amount, people would still continue to buy it in similar amount.

Similar to smoking really. The price of cigarettes has been continually increasing over the years, yet (without having figures at hand to verify what I'm about to say here) there didn't seem to be a noticable decrease in the number of smokers, despite the fact that they are charged crazy prices for them. People still made sure they were able to 'afford' them. The smoking ban on the other hand has seemed (to me at least) to have had a significant effect.

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