At last......

  Picklefactory 23:00 26 Feb 2009

..... a referee who doesn't feel some rules are above the professionals and shouldn't be bothered with.
Turkish ref in tonights Man City game gave the first foul throw decision I've seen in a long, long time, and I've seen plenty of foul throws in the Premiership. I have thought for some considerable time now, that us amateurs play by a different set of rules entirely to the pros.

Well done Turkish guy (Who I thought was good all round too)

Oh, and well done Man City too (Even though I'm a Villa fan)

  Picklefactory 23:02 26 Feb 2009

Before anyone starts, I know that was a Uefa cup match, my reference to the Premiership is due to the majority of football I see.

Just in case anyone points that out.

Only checking, OK?

  Stuartli 00:03 27 Feb 2009

You need to explain exactly why you believe it was a foul throw.

You will be surprised just how many different scenarios are covered by what many people would normally regard as a foul throw, but are in fact perfectly legal.

  Si_L 00:10 27 Feb 2009

The referees name is Selcuk Dereli.

Sorry to hear about Villa, although it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise, as it will give them a chance to concentrate on the league. I'm not a Villa fan but I would love to see them finish above Chelsea, if not then at least shut Arsenal out the Champions League place.

Another great season like you've had this time around, and it will be the "Big 5"!

  dagbladet 07:20 27 Feb 2009

Ah, the old 'Good we're out of Europe, we can concentrate on the league'

Q In an effort to do what?

A Qualify for Europe

  Picklefactory 08:43 27 Feb 2009

Both feet not on the floor in the case last night, the rules are pretty simple really, it surprises me even at my rubbish level (Where referees/assistants regularly pull players), just how many guys with years of experience still can't perform a legal throw, but when professionals can't do it, that is embarrassing in my view, when they have had professional training from a very early age.

But it was refresshing to see one penalised (Micah Richards in 1st half)

  Picklefactory 08:55 27 Feb 2009

Yeah, I know what you mean, but it's still a little dissappointing to be out so weakly after doing well up to this stage, and having the potential to go much further. When you leave 8 of your normal starting eleven at home, it sort of makes me wonder why did we bother at all from round one, if there was no intention of taking it seriously in later rounds?

It also highlights for us Villa fans, just how weak our 2nd string are in comparison to the real big boys in Europe. I was at a few of the Uefa games and the FA cup home games where MON used many reserves, and it really showed. Most were nowhere near being up to the mark. Doncaster, for example, ran us ragged in midfield and the result was quite flattering after Doncaster missed a couple of good chances. A few more injuries/suspensions and Villa could struggle greatly to produce what they have so far.
Exciting to be where we are, but it could all change very quickly.

  Stuartli 10:20 27 Feb 2009

The rule is that when taking a throw in the thrower must have "a part of each foot either on the touch line or on the ground outside the touch line."

It often appears that one foot is/may be off the ground when a throw is taken, but the throw is in fact legal.

  Picklefactory 12:10 27 Feb 2009

Exactly right, and what the majority of players do with a run up is to drag their trailing foot to keep momentum and both feet in contact with the ground, but if you watch enough you will see plenty of examples where that clearly is not the case and they take a 'step' rather than drag. Also there are so many examples of players taking the throw from the wrong position, and even when the referee does move them back, they then proceed to take a 10 yard run up and steal back the ground again.

Might sound a bit petty, but just seems daft having rules that nobody bothers with, might as well just get rid of 'em for everybody.

In fact now I've started, why to the pro refs stand for all the abuse and foul language. Any kind of abusive lamguage or gestures is supposed to be a red card offence.

Weak as kittens the lot of 'em, and give the game such a bad reputation. No wonder the rugby pros call it the Andrex Premier League.

  Si_L 12:25 27 Feb 2009

When O'Neill rotates his team so heavily and plays his youngsters, doesn't that tell you something about his priorities? Sure it would have been nice to progress in the UEFA Cup, but the main priority is the league, as if they hold the position they have now, next year, assuming they get through qualifying, they will be playing Champions League football.

I agree that the old adage that you mention is sometimes true, but in many cases, it makes sense.

  Picklefactory 12:51 27 Feb 2009

It definitely makes sense in that football is now more of a business than a sport in my opinion. Champions League football and higher Premier League position, where top club gets upto 20 times more than bottom, is more lucrative than Uefa cup, so that makes sense in financial terms. But the football fans get dissapointed as it would be a nice feeling to have some silverware in the cabinet, but money rules, unfortunately and the managers are under pressure to make books balance and profit if possible. It;s no longer just about football, and hasn't been for some time.

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