Lash yourself to the bedpost on Sunday night:0

  Quickbeam 08:29 10 Sep 2011

Hurricane Katia is predicted to bring us The Great Storm of 2011!

The predictions are that it may exceed The Great Storm of '87.

p.s. What were you expecting when you opened the link...?

  Diemmess 09:32 10 Sep 2011

Ancient sea folklore

"If the wind before the rain, you can let your sheets remain

If the rain before the wind, then your sheets" (sails NOT bedsheets) "to the spars must bind"

Today is really muggy and drizzly so perhaps when the wind comes it will be strong, though distance prophesies like this usually fizzle out by the day.

  Crosstrainer2 09:43 10 Sep 2011

Great...I was living in Cornwall during the last Great Storm.....4 weeks without electricity howling winds and living in a place called Porth just outside Newquay.

The advantages?,r:0,s:0&tx=102&ty=99

It was a pub!!!

We managed it for 6 months....Never seen seas like it, came right over the top of the building, but we did have beer (gas pressure only)

  Crosstrainer2 09:45 10 Sep 2011
  Crosstrainer2 09:46 10 Sep 2011

Now no links work, Anyway its called the Mermaid inn, Poerth Newquay Cornwall.

Whats happened to the globe system of posting links?

age again?

Probably :))

  wiz-king 10:34 10 Sep 2011

Not for most of us - should miss the south, in 1987 I was the only person to get past the fallen trees and get into work before lunchtime.

  Forum Editor 15:37 10 Sep 2011

I hate these severe gale warnings.

My wife and I sleep right at the top of the house (loft conversion - peace and quiet when children living at home, don't ask), and when the wind blows really hard it makes the structure tremble slightly. My wife doesn't sleep, she thinks the roof will blow off and leave us lying there, in the rain.

It's unlikely to happen because when it was being built I made sure that there was extra strapping in the roof structure, but she's not 100% reassured.

  john bunyan 16:38 10 Sep 2011

FE Why not ask her to sleep downstairs tonight and you stay up, so you will both have a sound sleep!!

  Forum Editor 16:45 10 Sep 2011

john bunyan

Tonight? I just checked the BBC weather warning page, and there's nothing affecting South East England. The warnings all refer to Wales, Northern Ireland, Northern England, and Scotland.

They'll be monitoring Katia as she tracks across the Atlantic tonight and tomorrow - weakening as she goes - and no doubt the situation could change. So far it's looking as though my wife can sleep easy tonight.

  john bunyan 17:05 10 Sep 2011

FE Like you I live in the South and hope you and your wife sleep soundly on both nights. In Nov '87 , as my house is pretty solidly built we slept through the gale but I drove about 55 miles from Fareham to Burgess Hill - usual time 1 1/4 ours - it took well over 5 hours using many diversions etc and I saw thousands of uprooted trees,a ship stranded near Brighton, yachts in trees etc. I hope the areas likely to be affected are not likely to have such a situation.

  Aitchbee 21:33 10 Sep 2011

The west coast of Britain is going to take a battering.Wind can flatten lovingly cared for tall plants in seconds...if you can shelter them, then do it, pronto! And stay indoors if you can, 'til it's over.I AM REPEATING MYSELF!

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