Laser printers—to mono or colournot to mono

  Phrixos 21:08 02 Dec 2014


I just had an interesting revelation; and I thought other contributors might like to hear about it.

Over the last while I've been pouring over the colour laser printer market, trying to weed out of the bunch the one best suited to replacing my ageing (read: "slooooow") colour laser. Then I had a thought. I really don't do that much colour printing, so perhaps I should just keep the old printer— which and despite its crawl really does produce fair images (for a laser)—and buy a good mono laser instead. I'd get a lot more speed for my money.

In the process, (I really do go deep into the selection process), I did a lot of comparison over such things as cost--per-page, which, for a colour laser (doing black and white) is surprisingly low. Figures such as 1.9 pence per page are not unusual.

Understand my wonderment, however, at and when I started the same investigation process all over again, but for a mono model, I found—right from the start—that the cost per page suddenly doubled——and trebled!

B&W (a lot!) more expensive in a B&W printer than the same from a colour one?

What's that about?

  Phrixos 21:08 02 Dec 2014


  wee eddie 23:32 02 Dec 2014

'Cos they can. It's still considerably cheaper than Ink Technology

  wee eddie 23:44 02 Dec 2014

I must admit I find this fad of worrying about the Cost per Page fascinating.

Of course if one printer costs 1p per page and another 10p per page it would be understandable, however people are quibbling about .02p per page.

.02 per page costs the equivalent of 1 hour's work, at minimum Wage, in every 5000 pages.

  bumpkin 00:41 03 Dec 2014

I agree with wee eddie. Unless you need to print thousands of pages per day then small cost variations are hardly worth bothering about.

  Phrixos 19:46 03 Dec 2014

Who said anything about 0.02p? (Who would?) I'm talking about "4.89*"/1.97--which I believe comes within the range of an "understandable" concern. It's nice, that some of you have attained such a level of profit that a 250% differential is "hardly worth bothering about." Not all of us, however, have the pleasure.

Thinking in terms of "per page" is indeed a small concern, but just as whole deserts are made of grains of sand, the real issue is philosophical (or, as a marketing manager would call it, "strategic.") Strategic, indeed, such anomalies manifesting themselves, eventually, in a broad lost of trust; ultimately and when multiplied out of hand that's what causes revolutions. (The real kind.)

Oh, never mind. The answer is obviously "apathy."

For my part, consider the thread closed.

(*in several quoted cases, over a range and from a leading manufacturer.)

  bumpkin 21:07 03 Dec 2014

The answer is obviously "apathy."

Yes but who cares.

  SparkyJack 10:33 04 Dec 2014

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