Largest tapestry

  natdoor 11:06 23 Mar 2012

The world's largest tapestry is to be created depicting Scottish history culminating in the opening of the Scottish Parliament. Doubtless this will depict many battles fought with the English but I doubt that it will include the most significant event of all. I refer to the Darien Venture, which resulted in Scotland's bankruptcy and led to the Scots agreeing to the Union of Parliaments in return for a sum, known as The Equivalent, of £398,000 being paid to the Scots.

Should the Scots decide that they wish to be independent, I feel sure that with their renowned integrity, sense of fair play and generosity they will wish to repay this to the English. At a compound interest rate of 5% this comes to a mere £1.7 trillion. I am sure that the Englis would accept a Scottish gilt with, say, 5% coupon in perpetuity.

  Quickbeam 11:17 23 Mar 2012

Ooooh yes! I'll accept that deal no probs...

  Woolwell 12:49 23 Mar 2012

It does include the Darien Scheme. Great Tapestry of Scotland. The list of the 107 panels (why 107?) makes interesting reading.

  natdoor 12:57 23 Mar 2012

Thanks for pointing that out, Woolwell. I heard of it on the radio today and should have realised there would already be a website.

  Quickbeam 13:33 23 Mar 2012

Oh ye of little faith!

  natdoor 18:00 23 Mar 2012

Well, with the Darien affair doubtless shewn as a great adventure I note that Culloden does not make the list.

  Aitchbee 19:58 23 Mar 2012

I would be most willing to lend my FREE adept tapestry, finger-skills, to the Cause...if they'll let me.

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