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To a large extent we all have to

  Forum Editor 23:23 05 Mar 2020

take responsibility for our own health, so what are your plans to protect yourself from the Coronavirus?

Are you waiting for the government to provide guidance, or are you being proactive, and avoiding crowded places such as trains, buses and planes? If you are traveling by public transport, are you wearing a face mask? Are you washing your hands frequently, or do you think it's all a bit of a waste of time because if it's going to get you it will do so, whatever action you take?

I'm normally a bit of an optimist, but in this case I do think we are in for a very rough ride. This virus is going to infect huge numbers of people, and next year it may well come back in a mutated form and start all over again. In the 21st century we're going to be taught a very unpleasant lesson by something that is so small you need a very powerful microscope to see it, yet it's quite capable of killing a human host.

It seems to be the case that most of us will survive a coronavirus infection, but a lot of people will not. It's something to avoid if at all possible, that's for sure.

  Quickbeam 06:55 06 Mar 2020

I don't think that there is realistically much that we can do, we will either get it or not, we will either recover from it or not, unless we all lock ourselves down for weeks on end. Of which the government is saying it may have to do.

In Morrison's yesterday, almost half of the shoppers seemed to have bought an inordinately excessive quantity of various cleaning products.

However it goes, I don't intend to get paranoid to that degree, I've already had 3 or 4 normal seasonal sniffles this year that go within a few days and by all account Corona isn't as obvious as that, so for all we know a good proportion of us may well have, or have had it already and not known it.

Normal cold and flu hygiene is the best that the best physicians can recommend and that doesn't stop us getting those.

The bare statistics say that it's no worse than any other flu that can be vaccinated against, so the problem seems to be that it's a potentially worse problem than it actually is.

  wee eddie 07:26 06 Mar 2020

I suspect that, at sometime, it will infect me and that I am in the "At Risk" Group as I was born in 1945.

My solution, make myself physically as resilient as I possibly can. I Walk, Swim, Yoga, Gym and Curl, as frequently as possible, and above all, eat healthily.

Also I have plenty of Whisky, Honey and Lemon, in the cupboard!

  Quickbeam 07:46 06 Mar 2020

And that is it in a nutshell...Life will go on!

  Quickbeam 10:08 06 Mar 2020

It didn't work before! plague kit

  Quickbeam 10:10 06 Mar 2020

My main inconvenience is that England's Six Nations game is off!

  Flak999 10:39 06 Mar 2020

I think keep calm and carry on needs to be our mantra! I for one live on my own now and I am taking normal hygiene measures like washing hands regularly and using hand gel which I have a stock of as I was supposed to be in Australia now on a cruise.

I was still quite willing to go, but the cruise company (Crystal Cruises) cancelled it. I am quite sanguine about this, either I will get it or I won't. I am still using public transport if I have to, and am going about my daily life as normal.

I am not succumbing to ridiculous panic buying, it's just not the British way. We all have to die of something at the end of the day, and if this Corona virus is the thing that sees me off, so be it!

  Flak999 10:49 06 Mar 2020
  x13 10:54 06 Mar 2020

I like your attitude Flak999 and of the same feeling. I'm an 'at risk' person and from next Wednesday will have to travel to Hospital every day for three weeks for the rest of my treatment. Being in the food production industry for over two decades i'm fastidious about washing my hands and that habit has carried over. One thing I'm trying to do is not to touch my face, as advised, but that seems a difficult habit to break.

  roger.roger 11:10 06 Mar 2020

This chap has it sorted. From the metro on line paper

  Quickbeam 11:24 06 Mar 2020


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