Large companies replies to emails

  tonyq 16:00 11 Jan 2012

Is it just me?

About 4/5days ago I emailed "Panasonic" with regards to a replacement DVD Recorder,as yet No reply. On the same day I emailed "Minzuno" with regards to a golf cart bag, as yet No reply Does anyone else find the BIG BOYS not replying to emails,or is it just me?

  wiz-king 16:16 11 Jan 2012

Think of a email as an electronic postcard with a second class stamp. Would you expect an answer next day?

A big company will have to forward your email to the relevant department/person but they should have replied by now.(unless it has been held by their spam filter)

  Diemmess 16:48 11 Jan 2012

I share tonyq's cynicism. I emailed Epson several years ago .............

It may be that large corporations do not concern themselves with individual problems from dumb-fool people, but why not explain that this is within their franchised retailer's domain?

At least acknowledge receipt and refer the questioner back to a retail agency.

  interzone55 16:57 11 Jan 2012

I always wonder why people try to contact manufacturers when the end user's contract is with the retailer.

Manufacturers are rarely geared up to deal with individual complaints.

Anyway, Panasonic UK's phone number is 01344 853 571

  spuds 19:09 11 Jan 2012

I seem to recall one particular well known company, whose staff use to dump emails if they were more than a 4 days old.

And those that the staff did reply to, didn't always answer the question put to the company.

Perhaps just basic bad administration and training?.

  brindly 19:21 11 Jan 2012

Lucky it wasn't Talk Talk

  morddwyd 20:20 11 Jan 2012

It wouldn't be so bad if they sent you an automated e-mail acknowledging receipt.

Some of them (Morrisons) don't have the courtesy to do even that.

  Kevscar1 07:13 12 Jan 2012

oct 2010 e-mail to 260 Tv and Radio Stations newspaper and magazines. David Cameron Nick Clegg and own Mp. automated reply from ccleggs office. Still waiting

  JYPX 22:12 13 Jan 2012

Radio stations - for example 5 Live - invite their listeners to contact them by text or e-mail. However, if I hear the Nicky Campbell show, or Drive, all I ever seem to hear is "Now we're going to read out your texts" or "Here is a text from" I have sent many e-mails over the past month. Never had one read out. Maybe my comments are too dull to broadcast? I don't know. Does the BBC get a small % of the cost when a text is sent???

  interzone55 08:42 14 Jan 2012


Imagine the number of listeners to Nicky Campbell's show, if even a tiny percentage send in a text or email you're looking at thousands of messages per show.

I don't think the BBC's text line is fee generating, as far as I can tell, it actually costs the BBC a small fee per month to use the 85058 short code. At least a text to the BBC is included in your bundle, unlike texts to Absolute Radio that'll cost you 50p plus your normal network charge (so 60p a message off a PAYG phone)

  SparkyJack 09:52 14 Jan 2012

I guess we expect too much of firms to respond to correspondance- as if your communique is the only one that day.

Mail by the sack full, emails by the server load is the norm for all large businesses. And having staff to respond to that work load exclusively to all else is wishful thinking. Indeed when a large organisation hits a snag-a Utility - lets say- They frequently appear on the news channels saying they have had to set up additional call centre facilities to cope- How can they do that- find trained staff and facilities at the snap of a fingers?

So my recommendation is if it is a high-street retailer - go face to face. If an e-tailer -get surface mail address and write to CEO sent registered mail for a personal response.

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