Landlords=slumlord & Dangerous Boiler Any Idea's?

  Uboat 12:17 01 Jul 2010

Hi folks, my brother has asked me to help him, he sold his home two years ago & made a profit & moved into a rented 3 bed house, Although its a step backwards some may say he made a huge amount of money just before things went "Pop" in the Economy

Anyway the house he lives in is a 1920's house & the landlords will NOT maintain the house,The house has TWO boilers one for the heating & one for the water BUT they are both around 15/20 years old & have NEVER been serviced & he found this out as he knew the previous tennants who lived there for 10 years

My brother has a wife & one child & he is worried about the boilers because the heating one has a heat setting of 1-6 (6 been the highest) BUT the boiler will not go above 1 or it starts to scream & bang & ive heard it & its pretty worrying

You have to consider the facts of "Carbon Monoxide poisoning" also the boilers are in a VERY shabby condition rusty & very pale coloured,

My brother has approached the landlords who are never available when help is needed they are either at there shops/praying (There Muslim) or out of the area So he has asked me to ask around for help

We have found out it is a Legal Requirement to have annual saftey checks on the boilers which his landlords havent done in years SO can he approach anyone other than his landlords for help?
he doesnt want his landlord to find out he has been looking or asking aournd for help because they may want him out but my brother loves the house
Can anyone direct us to a place where i can get infomation for him to push his landlord into getting these safty checks done? its also worth pointing out that the boilers WOULD be condemned when they was to be checked & maybe the landlords know this & also are aware it would cost them a FULL refit of boiler/s & copper piping..

  wiz-king 13:02 01 Jul 2010

If you get the gas-board in and they find anything seriously wrong they will disconnect the gas and issue a prohibition notice, but that will mean no heating and hot water. The environmental health people at the local council may be the best bet, they can remind the landlord of his responsibilities.

  Kevscar1 13:04 01 Jul 2010

Contact his council they are the only ones who have the power to enforce the regs. He needs to decide which is more important staying there or his families safety.

  MAT ALAN 13:09 01 Jul 2010

click here

Upholding Landlord Standards
As a tenant you have every right to expect that certain standards are upheld by your rented accommodation and the landlord. These should be outlined in your tenancy agreement.

text taken from link...

some good info here with guidelines to follow...

  johndrew 15:28 01 Jul 2010

I believe that by law all rented property must have a safety certificate issued for gas appliances. A check for such safety is carried out annually. If the appliances have not been checked and a certificate issued I believe the landlord can be in deep trouble. You may find this of help click here, read the bit about Gas Safety.

  MAT ALAN 15:35 01 Jul 2010

Must emphasize...

These should be outlined in your tenancy agreement..
click here

can be written or oral...

  shellship 17:11 01 Jul 2010

Chances are that gas boilers of 15/20 years ago are very simple ones that don't actually need servicing - virtually nothing to go wrong. Mine (until I replaced it recently with an all singing condensing thing and wished I hadn't), although very large, had about one service every 10 years and each time I had wasted my money.

  Forum Editor 19:37 01 Jul 2010

regardless of type, and boilers this old probably require repairs as well.

A boiler that starts to 'scream and bang' is kettling - that is, water is boiling in the heat exchanger and isn't being pumped away fast enough, or at all. The boiler may be working without any functioning circulating pump. If that's the case it will be inefficient and very noisy, and must be attended to immediately.

Your brother's landlord may not want to have the necessary services carried out, but they are legally obliged to do so, and my advice is that you urge your brother to approach them without further delay.

The consequences of running poorly maintained gas boilers can be very serious indeed, and this matter must be brought to a head urgently.

  spuds 19:58 01 Jul 2010

Get your brother to contact the local council, they will then get their appropriate sector to deal with the problem and any others if the house is in need of 'habitable' repair.

The council will carry the necessary clout to get things moving. But be warned, the landlord might not like it. I hope your brother as a rent book and any agreements readily available!.

  Uboat 22:39 01 Jul 2010

Hi everyone ive read all these replies & ive also spoke to my brother on the phone who is shocked & thanks to you guys ive been able to pursude him to contact the council,il let you know of the outcome in due course, FE you are correct about the noise ive asked him & he says it figures the banging is or could be the water pump..thanku all once again


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