Laid Off work - day to day

  wids001 13:31 19 Apr 2010

I've tried getting an answer on this from various sources but keep drawing a blank so hopefully someone here can assist.

I work in the construction industry and have been told that we will be "stood down" on a daily basis from next week. We're not being made redundant, just told not to come to work until notified.

Is this legal, and secondly does the company have to pay us or can we claim dole for the days were are not required.

  wee eddie 14:03 19 Apr 2010

your 'Contract of Employment'

What does that say?

  wids001 14:22 19 Apr 2010

I have managed to find the information on the Directgov web site. Looks like they can stand us down but our T&C state that must be on full pay!

  wee eddie 15:36 19 Apr 2010

What is the length of your 'Contracted' Working week?

  Quickbeam 15:40 19 Apr 2010

Make an appointment at your local CAB. It's free, unbiased and they will be able to decipher a contract of employment that isn't too clear.

  interzone55 16:27 19 Apr 2010

What are your contracted hours?

If they have to pay full pay, then they only have to pay your contracted hours. Many sneaky employers have very low contracted hours for just this kind of situation...

  zzzz999 06:16 20 Apr 2010

Many (many) years ago as an engineer we were laid off and after so many weeks of being laid off you could insist on being made redundant. Not sure if its still the same.

  spuds 10:39 20 Apr 2010

If you work for an agency, then there might be a few complications as to your employment status. Just telling someone that they are "stood down" is not legal in todays employment laws.

Your local Jobcentre Plus should have advisor's who should deal with this matter for you. The reason why I give this suggestion, is because I knew of a similar incident that someone was informed by their boss "that work would not be available every day". The person began to get into debt, sought advice from the Jobcentre and CAB, and the boss was made to comply with the law- 'Pay the person or Sack them'

  dfh 11:07 20 Apr 2010

I would do as the others have suggested and go to CAB but in the meantime have a look here click here

  Cymro. 12:07 20 Apr 2010

Trade Unions have come in for a lot of criticism on this forum over the years but perhaps this is just the sort of case when being a member would have been a help.

  wids001 13:30 20 Apr 2010

My contracted hours are 45pw. There is nothing in the T&C that state I will NOT get paid if laid off. I took the Directgov info to the bosses this morning and their faces dropped when they read it (literally).

Later, one of them told me informaly that they had been given wrong information from the head office. He also said the lay-off is being reconsidered.

Thanks to everyone who responded

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