To the Lady

  ulrich 19:36 27 Nov 2006

Who came from my right at the roundabout in Royston flashing her headlights at just after 5 o'clock this evening, I apologise from not realising you were coming in my direction{you forgot to indicate}, it would also would have helped if you didn't drive on sidelights.

  NIGEY 19:40 27 Nov 2006

Well being as we sending out messages may I take the opportunity to just say to all Sainsburys staff,"no I don't have a Nectar card",SO PLEASE DONT KEEP ASKING!!!

  WhiteTruckMan 20:17 27 Nov 2006

-No thanks, its big enough already!

(my mortgage)


  dagbladet 21:21 27 Nov 2006

To the lady (Reenie, 'happy to help') on checkout 15 at Asda. Now you've completed the previous transaction (with Maureen "she's my daughter-in-law") perhaps you can discuss the protracted christening arrangements with Maureen later as my frozen stuff is thawing, and yes the baby was indeed lovely and I take your word for it that it (he? she?) looks like it's dad, as i've never met him and he's not here.

  hzhzhzhz 21:38 27 Nov 2006

To eldest daughter. Why did you dump your boyfriend of 5 years,yesterday. I liked him.
To youngest daughter. Why has your boyfriend come to live with us,as from today.I dont like him.


  Spark6 23:33 27 Nov 2006

The gentleman, based in Athens, who is continuously offering me a highly remunerative post as a Financial Consultant, no experience required, provided I provide details of my bank account.

The individual in <HBOS> requesting details of the non-existant account!

  Forum Editor 23:55 27 Nov 2006

three times last week:

I'm still waiting to be 'thrown out on my ear' as a result of your complaint to the managing director, that first word you used to describe me made our solicitor blush, and my parents were married when I was conceived.

  rodriguez 00:04 28 Nov 2006

FE, that raised a smile - there are some people who think that if they complain to management, you will be severely dealt with. I used to get that a lot when I worked in Toys R Us - if they weren't satisfied with my help they demanded that I give them my name so they could complain to the manager about it. I of course just gave them my name, knowing full well nothing would come of it. I have no doubt that the forum member in question will remain nameless, but I've seen a few pillocks on here before so I can imagine what they were like.

  hijo 03:12 28 Nov 2006

thats soo funny what u lot just put...!!! i loved "FE'S" bit as well..iam laughing now @ them all...just got in from work & i needed this...thankx oh & i'll add my bit:
to all the scammers that have been sending me scam's for the last 7 years ive been using the NET please open your eyes about just everyone i know is aware of online scams & security issues,i havent entered ANY lottery so i ashume the $200,0000,000000,00000,0000, WIN that you got waiting for me in africa will have to wait till some other poor newcomer to the net gets sucked up by you lot oh & u must have 500 uncles that have just died the same day & his so called personal furtune thats your waiting to transfer to my bank will never arrave BUT i must say when i lived in spain some 5 yrs ago i DID nearly get sucked up by u when i was most in need of "READIES" aka £££'S as i was struggling with my wife to find money for food, however i "got with it" and realised ur dickheads trying to rob inocent people...& happy xmas to u too...:-)

  wolfie3000 03:18 28 Nov 2006

To all at clan A.V.S.

Yes I have joined clan LoS and NO i wont be leaving my original clan (Clan W.O.P.)

To Deano, Yes they have a forum,

click here

  BT 08:15 28 Nov 2006

Why don't you get yourself a Nectar Card. I recently collected £150 worth of vouchers. I know that people worry that Sainsburys are monitoring what they buy, but is that such a bad thing. It keeps things on the shelves that may be discontinued. And you can get Nectar points from other sources too - EDF electricity in London comes to mind.

My Tesco Clubcard is combined with my Tesco Credit card which means I get 50% extra points when I use it to buy my Groceries and Petrol. The vouchers that I get every few months keep me in 'Medicine' (Scotch) and a few other 'necessities'

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