Is Labour wise using Tony Blair?

  bremner 15:05 07 Apr 2015

Tony Blair has pitched into the election campaign today, clearly a planned part of Labours strategy.

As Blair is seen by so many, including Labour supporters as almost toxic, was this an own goal or an inspired strategy likely to appeal to the New Labour side of the party, balancing the perceived left wing Ed Miliband.

  Joseph Kerr 20:21 09 Apr 2015

The thing about the Milliband brothers' wee spat is that Ed's critics want it both ways. They want to paint him as a weakling whilst criticising him for shafting his brother.

I think standing against your brother for the leadership of a major political party shows great testicular fortitude.

  john bunyan 08:58 10 Apr 2015

I thought Maggie, IDS and W Hague were all stabbed in the back by fellow Tories, so there is some hypocrisy around.

  john bunyan 09:24 10 Apr 2015


as coalition partners and has it ever been done before.

Not new; see National Government. I am old enough to have lived under such a government from 1940 - 1945 - see WW2

I suspect that the external threat is not yet great enough to re - form such an alliance, but there are so many issues that should be jointly agreed, like pensions, NHS, Defence etc that I find the squabbling on these issues annoying.

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