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Is Labour wise using Tony Blair?

  bremner 15:05 07 Apr 2015

Tony Blair has pitched into the election campaign today, clearly a planned part of Labours strategy.

As Blair is seen by so many, including Labour supporters as almost toxic, was this an own goal or an inspired strategy likely to appeal to the New Labour side of the party, balancing the perceived left wing Ed Miliband.

  bremner 16:17 07 Apr 2015

I don't that is true, but it would be remarkable if it wasn't.

The BBC's piece on his speech states "Labour hoped he still had "enough lingering stardust to appeal to some voters"

  bumpkin 16:45 07 Apr 2015

The other parties would not pay him enough then.

  Forum Editor 18:10 07 Apr 2015

I also think that Tony Blair's election experience might be of considerable value to Ed Miliband. Of particular value is Blair's firm belief that a referendum on our membership of the EU would be a big mistake.

He'll back up Miliband's refusal to countenance a referendum on that issue, and it will be (or should be) one of the biggest questions for voters in the election.

  Pine Man 18:53 07 Apr 2015

Cameron who has never won any!!

...bit like Brown;-)

  bumpkin 21:09 07 Apr 2015

Tony Blair, could well backfire and become a Tory asset.

  Forum Editor 23:06 07 Apr 2015

"This being the same Anthony Blair that promised referendums on the EU constitution in 2004 & 2005,"

The very same, but as I remember that was a referendum on the new EU constitution, not a referendum which asked whether we should be in or out of the EU.

I am not a Labour supporter, but I think fairness is important - Blair would not have supported an 'in or out' referendum then, and he's against one now, as is Ed Miliband.

  kad292 03:32 08 Apr 2015

"Blair would not have supported an 'in or out' referendum then, and he's against one now, as is Ed Miliband",

which is a reflection of the true nature of their political beliefs.The people cannot be trusted to make the 'right' decision so they should NOT under any circumstance be allowed to make any decision on the future status of the country vis-a-vis Europe.

  morddwyd 08:59 08 Apr 2015

Labour's already slim chances in Scotland just got worse!

  caccy 17:17 08 Apr 2015

spider9 your 3:58pm.

"My reason is that we are not, as a whole, able to make such a decision wisely."

I totally agree with your above statement. I was one of the many who did not make a wise decision when we voted to join the EEC (EU).

  bremner 18:14 08 Apr 2015


If the public cannot be expected to properly decide on a single issue, how can they possibly be capable of choosing a government deciding on many issues.

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