Labour critical of BBC license fee freeze

  jakimo 18:27 01 Nov 2010

Labour it seems still haven't got out of their spend-spend frenzy.

The BBC will just have to learn to economize like 'most' of us.

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  Quickbeam 18:34 01 Nov 2010

Sour grapes.

  Forum Editor 18:49 01 Nov 2010

that it's the duty of an opposition party to vigorously oppose the government whenever it thinks there's a need. It's an integral and very important aspect of the democratic system - it helps to keep the government of the day on its toes.

  ams4127 21:47 01 Nov 2010

"that it's the duty of an opposition party to vigorously oppose the government whenever it thinks there's a need."

I agree entirely with what you say FE, but it seems as though the words "whenever it thinks there's a need" should be changed to "whenever it can" at this moment in time.

Disagreeing with everthing, all the time, just makes them look stupid.

  ams4127 21:49 01 Nov 2010

everthing = everything. Apologies.

  morddwyd 07:39 02 Nov 2010

If the opposition, any opposition, disagreed with everything, all the time, no parliamentary business at all would get done.

There is an awful lot which is agreed before it ever gets to the floor of the House.

  interzone55 08:51 02 Nov 2010

There's also the small matter that despite the licence fee freeze the BBC will now have to fund the World Service (previously funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office) and part fund S4C, so it's actually a double blow to the BBC.

I think we'll see a lot of attacks on Auntie from the current administration as they're far too close to Murdoch, who has long campaigned for a cut in the BBC. This from the man who owns Fox News, the station that worships at the alter of Sarah Palin...

  interzone55 11:07 02 Nov 2010

That's the very reason Murdoch should not be allowed to have any more power over our media...

  CurlyWhirly 09:01 03 Nov 2010

Personally I'm glad the TV licence has been frozen and since 1997 the TV licence has risen 50% from just under £100 to the current rate !

  DANZIG 11:12 03 Nov 2010

...OK, the licence fee has been frozen,however the BBC I reckon will come up with new services and features which before this 'freeze' would have been for the use of everyone as we all pay the licence fee.

These features/services will have to be paid extra for by the consumer if they want them. It'll just turn into a TV service like Virgin or Sky. Those that pay extra, get a bit extra, while people who can't afford it are left out.

Sad really, as I'm a fan of the licence fee. Have you seen the appalling state of TV on the continent?? My Dad lives in Spain, and the TV channels over there are atrocious!

  interzone55 11:16 03 Nov 2010

I'm fairly sure the BBC aren't allowed to charge for content in any way, they're also not allowed to display advertising to UK visitors to their website, although they do have adverts for many foreign visitors.

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