Labour candidate given order of the Boot

  jakimo 12:05 09 Apr 2010

In latest news release hes been sacked,and deservedly so,are they scrapping the bottom of the barrel for candidates now

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  Forum Editor 12:17 09 Apr 2010

and he acted stupidly - it happens, he'll learn by experience, as we all do.

  jakimo 12:53 09 Apr 2010

heavens forbid if he was the best candidate the selectors could choose from.

  anchor 13:47 09 Apr 2010

"I am very sorry. I have been very stupid"

In my opinion he is only sorry that he has been found out. Anyone who describes the elderly as "coffin dodgers" is beneath contempt.

It is most unlikely he would have been elected as the constituency is now a very safe SNP seat.

  Quickbeam 14:58 09 Apr 2010

I find I'm getting more electioneering news through this forum having taken hermit vows to protect me from the media onslaught that hasn't even started in anger yet.

I may have to delete this as one of my home pages... can I borrow a Tardis to take me straight to Jon Snow's swingometer night show;)

  egapup 18:50 09 Apr 2010

"I am very sorry. I have been very stupid"
Dont all politicians use that line????

  jakimo 19:33 09 Apr 2010

"If they'd said they were investigating fully they could have turned on the opposition parties and accused tham of wanting kangaroo courts and not being interested in the truth".

No amount of excuses by Labour would have got MacLennan`s abusive remarks off the hook,and it is to their shame that being aware of these remarks they were still prepared to support this low life as their candidate,and no amount of shouting about kangaroo courts and interest in the truth would only be seen as a desperate party.

  morddwyd 20:07 09 Apr 2010

It says much for the present state of the Labour Party that someone with what such apparently right wing views is even a member, let alone a candidate with the full support of the party.

  caccy 21:30 09 Apr 2010

How sad these objectors are.
"Jobswoth" types I suspect.!
I've been called a "milk bottle".in an African country.
Many other names including "b*****d" and a few not repeatable even with asterix.
Now a "coffin dodger".
Hooray for paople who can think up novel term for us old age pensioners.

  Boghound 10:31 10 Apr 2010

Britain needs more people like him that aren't afraid of calling a spade a spade....Politics in Britain are too PC at the moment and very bad for the country as a whole....That's why I left....What a pathetic statement from the so called "Forum Editor"....As a "Forum Editor" you should keep your worthless comments to yourself and just concentrate on censuring...Which you seem to be very good at!

  jakimo 11:05 10 Apr 2010

Which lucky country has the benifit of your presence?

As for MacLennan,his parents must be so proud that their son shows such compassion toward the older generation

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