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Labour to back BJ's GE call, game on.

  rickf 11:28 29 Oct 2019

This is going to be so unpredictable and Labour might just sneaked in and Bojo may well be the shortest serving PM of our time. It's all up for grabs now.

  Quickbeam 18:53 25 Nov 2019

The DUP could be facing a wipeout following there pact with May that isn't in accordance with th NI voters plus their inability to get a working NI government going after 3 years.

  wee eddie 22:03 25 Nov 2019

Quickbeam: You forget that, in Northern Ireland, who you vote for is not a Political decision

  Al94 22:37 25 Nov 2019

You're right there, either directly or indirectly the majority of voters in NI support murdering, people smuggling, drug dealing criminal gangs on both sides of the divide.

  Aitchbee 17:53 26 Nov 2019

jb, update on betting as follows.

Post Election Government (First New Cabinet)

Conservative Majority 4/9.

Labour Minority 11/2.

Conservative Minority 11/1.

Labour + SNP Coalition 16/1.

Labour Majority 20/1.

Labour + Lib Dems + SNP Coalition 25/1.

Cons + Brexit Party Coalition 25/1.

Labour + Lib Dems Coalition 50/1.

Cons + Lib Dems Coalition 50/1.

Liberal Democrat Minority 100/1.

Lib Dems + SNP Coalition 100/1.

Cons + Labour Coalition 100/1.

Labour + Brexit Party Coalition 200/1.

Liberal Democrat Majority 200/1.

Brexit Party Majority 300/1.

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