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Labour to back BJ's GE call, game on.

  Anon-331508 11:28 29 Oct 2019

This is going to be so unpredictable and Labour might just sneaked in and Bojo may well be the shortest serving PM of our time. It's all up for grabs now.

  Anon-2432433 12:08 29 Oct 2019

Bojo may well be the shortest serving PM of our time.

Well the Bookies don't think so, Tory's odds on to win. That of course does not mean that they will.

That means the brexit party will be standing at the election and labour and the lib dems should loose a lot of votes to them, maybe not enough to win but maybe enough for the tory party to win.

It is all going to be interesting everyone knows if they want the Tory deal or no deal they have to vote for them. Nothing but an overall majority is any good to them unless of course the brexit party wins quite a few seats.

The Tory party will be well aware that they are likely to loose quite a few seats in Scotland.

I have lost my vote by changing houses but on the News this morning it seems that there is a view that all people over 70 should not be able to vote in general elections in the future.

I just wonder who thinks up those idiotic ideas.

  Anon-326148 15:02 29 Oct 2019

Teresa May had a comfortable lead to, but then Labour conjured up a slick campaign so nothing will be taken for granted.

"All people over 70 should not be able to vote in general elections in the future". Probably a precursor to U16/17 getting a vote.

  Anon-331508 16:44 29 Oct 2019

I don't think Bojo will get a majority if he does win, hope not anyway. Probably end up in a hung parliament again.

  Anon-302934 17:25 29 Oct 2019

I predict that...

This will be the most aggressive election ever.

But I won’t bother predicting who might win, it’s wide open. One of the radio pundits this morning said that there would be over 100 MPs not from the big two parties, and they would be more unpredictable than any are now!

  Anon-302934 22:05 29 Oct 2019

On checking why we had an election in 1923,, there are a lot of similarities to now... enter link description here

  Anon-338298 22:50 29 Oct 2019

At least we can discuss something slightly different for a few weeks.

  Anon-2432433 22:57 29 Oct 2019

The election is on Thursday the 12th.

And the result will be announced on

Friday the 13th.

Anyone superstitious?


  Anon-302934 06:37 30 Oct 2019

Ohhh... I missed that connection Teabag...

  Anon-331508 09:13 30 Oct 2019

Bad omen for the Tories?

  Anon-433127 09:30 30 Oct 2019

A bit of a waste of time as a hung Parliament is the most likely outcome.


How are the odds?

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