a la recherche du temps perdu

  john bunyan 21:01 19 Feb 2016

In search of lost time.

WE have had nostalgic threads before, I know, but today I saw one of the very few red telephone boxes in my area being removed. It was underused and looked sad and tatty. I remember their salad days , with their own smell, black money box where you put 2 d in , then pressed button A if the person answered and button B to get money back. The Red , round, post boxes were smartly painted in pillar box red. I know we all have mobile phones and many hardly ever write letters, but I remain nostalgic for these, and many other , old icons.

  amonra 18:19 21 Feb 2016

All this talk of lightbulbs reminds me of my grandfather who only switched on "the lectric" so that he could light the gas mantle. It was a far superior light to the yellow 40 watt ? bulb in the adjacent gas fitting. It was also a very quiet and relaxed atmosphere in the parlour with just the hiss of the gas and the steady tick-tock of the clock on the wall. Life was far more tranquil in those days.......

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:27 21 Feb 2016

Exactly Ticking Clocks where are they now? all seem to be battery driven quiet things :0(

  wee eddie 18:31 21 Feb 2016

All my battery clocks have a "tick" but not necessarily a "tock"

  Brumas 23:18 21 Feb 2016

*Fruit Bat /\0/* here is my beautiful old vienna regulator wall clock, bought back in the days when i had some money!

Couldn't be without it, sounds corny I know but its tick is like the 'heartbeat' of our wee bungalow and when it chimes it has such a lovely tone.

  bumpkin 23:39 21 Feb 2016

Great clock, I only have a repro of something similar that I bought years ago, one look and anyone can tell it is a load tat, want to sell it-))

  Brumas 09:15 22 Feb 2016

bumpkin. A Frayed Knott ;o}

  john bunyan 22:36 22 Feb 2016

I found a picture of a favourite car bought in about 1959 or so, a 1948 MG TC. Wish I still had it - paid about £300 I think. Sold it as I could not afford some repairs in about 1963.

Old MG

  Brumas 22:41 22 Feb 2016

john bunyan, I paid the same price for my clock!!

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