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a la recherche du temps perdu

  john bunyan 21:01 19 Feb 2016

In search of lost time.

WE have had nostalgic threads before, I know, but today I saw one of the very few red telephone boxes in my area being removed. It was underused and looked sad and tatty. I remember their salad days , with their own smell, black money box where you put 2 d in , then pressed button A if the person answered and button B to get money back. The Red , round, post boxes were smartly painted in pillar box red. I know we all have mobile phones and many hardly ever write letters, but I remain nostalgic for these, and many other , old icons.

  bumpkin 21:33 19 Feb 2016

I was thinking of getting one as a folly for my garden until I found out the prices. It seems that there are many different ones some of which are highly collectible. I knew a man who had 3 in his yard and bearing in mind that they are cast iron and very heavy and expensive to transport I offered him £500 for one thinking he would jump at it. No he said they have to be about £2000 each but you can have one for £1500. Too much I said but when I started looking into it it was not.

It is one of those odd things that you never really think about unless you have a sudden whim for a new garden ornament but when I looked into it was very interesting learning about all the different types and ages or do I need medical help :-))

I did not get one in the end due to the cost and difficulties involved in transporting it and situating it in the required position ( more complicated than one may think)

Back to your point, it is to my mind a shame to see these traditional things vanishing, I suppose it won't be very long before we have plastic post boxes.

  Brumas 21:33 19 Feb 2016

I can remember, when I was a feckless youth, being told by an older lad that you didn't need money to phone, all you had to do was tap the top of the cradle the amount of times to correspond with the number and you would be connected, lo and behold I tried it and it did!!

  lotvic 21:50 19 Feb 2016

Brumas, I also was told about that, and yes it worked for me. Problem was very few friends had phones anyway so was a bit limited on who to call LOL

  Brumas 21:52 19 Feb 2016

lotvic, if I'd have known I'd have rung the call box you were in ;o}]

  Brumas 21:54 19 Feb 2016

rdave13, I never thought of it like that but I reckon you are right ;o}

  john bunyan 21:54 19 Feb 2016


I was also guilty of tapping - and on some other phones,,

  bumpkin 21:56 19 Feb 2016

Brumas, I don't think many of us school kids ever put any money in to make a call just did as yourself. Stick a bit of paper up the button B chute and return later to collect any spoils was another trick:-)

  john bunyan 22:08 19 Feb 2016

The old numbers were easier to remember - Scotland Yard was WHItehall 1212. I used to phone RAF Weston on the Green to see if parachuting was "on" - Middleton Stoney 246 I think.

  bumpkin 22:21 19 Feb 2016

* very few friends had phones anyway *

That is why you found 2 close friends in one call box ringing each other up.

  Brumas 22:52 19 Feb 2016

Sorry to hijack your thread JB.

When I first started as Post Office counter clerk, bear in mind this was before the split, there was always opportunities to work overtime on Saturday mornings at the head office. Either you sat in 'the cage' and counted the incoming 'rems' from all the sub offices, thousands of pounds in notes and bagged coin - this was the favourite or if you drew the short straw you got the telephone boxes!! Imagine, 20 or 30 metal boxes full of coins and you had to count the bloomin lot!!

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