L33tsp34k - A parent's primer to computer slang

  powerless 19:20 18 Feb 2005

click here

Know you know!

  sattman 19:50 18 Feb 2005

I don't really think that I want to.

  Dennis Goycoolea 20:15 18 Feb 2005

Good grief, MS are too prissy to include basic leet like 'pr0n'! The Wikipedia entry on leet is far better: click here

  ade.h 21:06 18 Feb 2005

Don't get me started....

Whatever happened to the English language?

  Jackcoms 21:31 18 Feb 2005

"Letters can be substituted for other letters that may sound alike"

"Rules of grammar are rarely obeyed"

"Mistakes are often uncorrected"

But that's how Americans normally speak, isn't it?

  ade.h 21:40 18 Feb 2005

Good point, Jackcoms!

Your third quote in particular.

  josie mayhem 21:49 18 Feb 2005

And there was I, thinking that slang was a way to shorten the English language!

  Dennis Goycoolea 00:22 19 Feb 2005

Leet is okay. Sometimes it's useful: you can hardly talk about pirating software, films, and music without calling them warez! You can poke fun at a wannabe hacker* by calling him a l33+ h4x0r. It's fun to tell someone they're gonna get pwned when you're playing a multiplayer FPS.

It's not like anyone writes whole sentences or paragraphs in leet - do they? And I'm glad we're not as precious about our language as the French are about theirs. :)

On the Americans - funnily enough, all of the Americans I know speak good English. I've nothing against the US style or accent, cut them some slack and think of it as you would any other minority dialect.

Moreover, US English is in some ways more 'pure' than British English; they use "I guess", "fall", and some of the things they've introduced into English are plain fun - I love their tall talk.


* - hacker, not cracker.

  spuds 00:28 19 Feb 2005

And there was me, getting concerned about royalty speaking cockney [yesterdays papers]

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